Nero – Alive & Vibrant

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Shout to Mike Waxx, doing his mixtape thing and growing with each new project. He’s working with a new artist called Nero straight out of Dimez’ home town of Harlem. Waxx claimed this project was filled with 90s beats and me being the 90s fiend that I am it was only natural to take a listen.

If your head nods off the first track that is what we call “a good ass start”! Lol Seriously tho, “Rugged & Raw” is that head nod, lyrics are sharp and for a young cat Nero def using words to his advantage. Waxx must be testing young Nero giving him beats like “Buck ’em Down” to flow on. Shit sounded natural and I’m glad he decided to flow how Buckshot flowed on it too. I’ve hear many an MC butcher that beat and come off like a spaz on some diarrhea type flow. J. Rocwell owned “Straighten It Out”, def got his shine on. “Alive & Vibrant” was the best shit on here to me. I think that beat was a match made in heaven for Nero. It highlighted his MIC skills while that hook sticks in your head like bad cold. On the flip side, I thought using the “Dead Presidents” beat was a bad idea. This joint sounded forced and Nero didn’t sound comfortable on it at all, like he wasn’t sure how to flow or he couldn’t catch it just right. Dead real…just short of a train wreck IMO. “Feeling Good” is Nero’s lane sound wise if you ask me. Laid back, musical and it allows him to shine with that conversational flow. I love the hook on “T.R.O.Y”, def gotta turn that into a viable song somewhere down the line on an original beat. The flip itself sounded forced like “Dead Presidents” but that hook was proper. “Everything Remains Raw” was another bad beat choice to me. That shit is not made for Nero’s voice, style or vibe. When you’re trying to flip a known beat you gotta own it and this just sounded like an MC named Nero rhyming over the beat for “Everything Remains Raw”. Def not better than the original and to be honest it bored the hell out of me.

Nero has lyrics, he’s got flow too cause on the beats he felt comfortable on he owned the flow, you could hear the confidence. I think he’s still searching for his sound overall but I can dig what Waxx was doing in challenging him with different beats. If it was me I would have went Native Tongues but to the left with some Jungle Bros, Black Sheep or even De La beat wise. I can def hear Nero on some “Me, Myself and I” or “Pot Holes In My Lawn”. Def an MC to be checking for this year and I’m expecting the next project to be that much better.