New Industry – Banger’s Vol. 5

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We don’t normally review instrumental type mixtapes but this series right here is gaining some traction in the hip-hop world. I gotta give credit where credit is due; this is becoming an important tool in the mixtape world; especially for MCs. With the endless mass of producers mimicking the mass of MCs in the world today projects like this are needed so cats get their shine.

The first beat to really catch my ear was the track 3 by Trakdealaz. That shit was ratchet blowing music for real. Next up is Mar-Var’s joint on track 6. I thought that vocal sample could have dropped out more but that joint was like controlled intensity for your ears. Venum on track 7 came off with those horns. I hear a female MC on that beat for some reason, don’t know why but I do. The Ronnie C joint, track 11, that joint is built for lyrical gymnastics. With the right hook you might have a hood anthem for ’09 (on the east coast anyway). Classic vocal sample in The Faculty’s track 12, it lost something when it dropped out tho, not sure, if it was the tempo or what. The beat with the most emotion tho is Nicky Nicks on track 16. All I hear bars wise on this is raw emotion, some heart on ya sleeve, just took an emotional dump in the booth type shit. I like what Uncle Ruck had going on with track 17. Def a different sound. The weakest beat on here, IMO, it the Street Level joint on track 20. I know dude is from Sweden but that sounded like a track that plays in the background of a magic show or some shit.

For producers this is a good way to get heard, especially on a mixtape series that is gaining traction. Plus MCs you never know what you might find too. Def dope beats throughout and mixtape worthy music as Lloyd Banks has proven already from the previous volume. I’m def diggin’ the concept of the series and look for it to get even bigger this year.