Nino Bless Interview

This is just a quick interview with Nino Bless. Getting the word out he’s about to lace ya’ll with some bonafied block music that’s harder than termite teeth. Get up on that Latin Marksman mixtape if you haven’t already. Shout to Nino for taking time out to answer some questions.

Chew: You have a new project coming out soon, tells us about it, when it’s dropping ect.

Nino: I’m dropping Untold Scriptures 2 which is dropping in July but I’m setting it up with a bunch of music that’s not even on that project to warm some folks up. I really put my all into this shit and I think its going to shock folks musically. I already showed cats my pen game is sharp and my track record showed I can hang with some of the best out lyrically but I’m more than that. I’m a dude who plays instruments and listens to all types of genres and I’m more diverse than I’ve shown. That’s why I’m excited about U.S. 2 because I’m letting out more of the arsenal with this one

Chew: Your last project, The Latin Marksman mixtape, dropped a couple months ago, how do you think that was received by people?

Nino: For what it was it got a amazing response. What most people don’t know is that I didn’t construct that mixtape like a follow up to Untold Scriptures. That was a bunch of material I leaked after and I wanted to get shine. If you’re a hardcore follower of mine you basically heard the bulk of the CD. If you ain’t then all the shit is fresh which is cool cause where I’m at I need my shit to keep catching as many ears as possible. It was basically to emphasize to heads who slept that I’m nice and also to keep my name relevant before I go on this crazy spree I’m about to get into. Mission accomplished in my book.

Chew: I was a fan of “Fuck The Rap Game”, I’ve been saying for a minute that hip hop and mixtapes in general have been infiltrated by lames. You agree with that or you trying to stay positive/political with it?

Nino: Well I think I’m being positive by agreeing with you. I didn’t hold no punches on that record. Some DJ’s are complaining about the state of the game yet they scared to give shine to new talent unless they have a well-known feature attached to the track. If it ain’t that then they want some paper. You can be ridiculously nice with yours but they’ll still want bread for you to host. There’s some real heads out there who if you can get them to vibe with your shit will show love but for the most part this industry all around is full of dick riders who jock names. Cats hate on Clue cause he ain’t have amazing turn table skills but he played Killa Cam, Canibus, Nature, Murder Mase, and etc when I had no fucking clue who those cats were. Now the only cats DJ’s put next to established names on their shit is artist they have personal or financial ties with somehow or somebody who broke them off with paper. I’m friends with a bunch of DJ’s so I ain’t attacking them in general. On that track I talked about the sites, mags, labels all that. Shit you got bloggers who cry about how shitty the game is but they post up the music from the worst heads on the planet and post it real big so everyone can see it cause the dude got a cosign from insert whatever big name rapper here. Man don’t cry about how wack the game is when you’re promoting the shit you supposedly can’t stand. Isn’t that abstruse fam? That’s like a female who’s still with a guy who beats on her and cheats on her and shit and got no kids with the dude and her parents got mad loot. Bitch you got options! Fuck is
wrong with you?

Chew: Not being an MC myself but listening to more music than the average person I gotta say a lot of talented cats sound frustrated as hell trying to get some traction with their music. How do you deal with that frustration?

Nino: Not really fam cause my goal ain’t the same as the next man. Everybody thinks like the more known or successful you are the better life you’ll have and shit. Well that depends on how you determine your level of success. If I was worried about being on radio and TV all day I’d rock a Mohawk, dress in some ridiculous tight shit, create a quirky alias with a cartoon logo, post up video blogs of me saying nonsensical shit like my opinion means something, and do a few bright records about healing somebody’s stress. Fact is I don’t care about that shit. I do this for me. I spit clever shit you might not catch until your 8th listen. I get real wordy with mad multi-syllabic rhyme patters sometimes where you definitely won’t catch it on your first listen. If you don’t like it then go listen to whatever the fuck you like listening to. I ain’t mad at you at all but that’s what I like doing. Of course I’m going to spread myself out later on but right now I’m doing shit other cats is scared of doing cause its not “popping.” Those heads who are always worried about what’s “popping” are my last concern. They’re dick riders who are going to cling on to any 2 week trend that last or whoever everybody is talking about for whatever dumb ass reason. I ain’t worried about. Damn this answer just made me seem like I am frustrated but I’m not. (laughs) I’m just saying, fuck these dudes.

Chew: I see you’ve been using twitter, what are your thoughts on MCs using that to connect with fans and/or just flat out playing themselves?

Nino: I’m going to keep it 100% real, I think Twitter is probably the gayest shit I seen in a while. It was the last sign that made it official to me that corny is the new cool. If this shit came out when I was in high school whoever used this would get herbed up on a daily basis. I mean its kind of a necessity for me cause some of my hardcore fans want to know dumb shit that I have to say so I keep it but in reality the shit is nonsensical to me. The cats who wake up and tell me what they’re eating, doing, watching, drinking, playing, tasting, trying, and shit make me want to go outside and scare away birds for no reason. I don’t keep up with it. I see the shit for what it is. I don’t be telling heads what brand of milk I’m drinking and shit. I’ll leave a update here and there talking shit so some of my little fans who copped my mixtape off Mixunit and shit could know I’m alive and well. I’m sociable too in real life so it’s up my alley but not all that extra nonsense. I’m good. Some folks on there need rehab. Or at least a life worth actually twittering about.

Chew: You def get plenty of online support how do you balance that with the street side of things? How important do you think it is to have both (street/internet)? If at all.

Nino: It’s very important. I get a lot of love on the biggest sites but the streets is vital. Even though the internet is the main driving force in the world period, the streets are still a factor right now. Cats still cop CD’s from the bootleggers. Motherfuckers got bills and shit. Some folks don’t have time to be following this shit online and shit so they take it as it comes. The shit is dying with each day that passes but right now its still there. Pretty soon the streets won’t matter cause this whole shit is going to be digital regardless of what anybody says. If you don’t see that now I feel sorry for you. As of right now thought the streets are still significant and my music is that type of shit that can appeal to that D Block type of crowd. I need those ears.

Chew: Are you a mixtape fan from way back?

Nino: Every since my first Capri tape.

Chew: What DJs you fucking with or what’s some of the classics you got in the stash for inspiration?

Nino: I fuck with Capri, Ron G, S&S, Dirty Harry, and Tony Touch. I got this best of Clue freestyles that got a lot of my favorite MC’s sounding hungry that’s a good one. I got Tony Touch’s 50 MC’s on my drive and that gets me going sometimes as well. Probably the illest shit to me, it ain’t a mixtape but its this one Dirty Harry blend he did with
every great MC you can think of on a loop of Nas’s “The Message.” I never know what its called cause it got so many different titles but that shit is great to hear.

Chew: On some random shit…fat chic’s. Do they need love too or no?

Nino: Of course they need love dog. Everybody needs love but am I the one to give it to them? I highly doubt there’s a slew of fat chicks on your site that buy records so I’m going to have to say yes. Only because it will pop up on google. I love everybody that supports real Hip Hop.

Chew: One word to describe hip-hop music in 2009?

Nino: Dinosaur

Ron C | April 28, 2009 12:31 AM | Reply

dope interview. can’t wait for that new project to drop

Steph | April 28, 2009 12:33 AM | Reply

fat girls need love Chew! lol nice work

OJ Loopz | April 29, 2009 4:42 PM | Reply

Good interview, big fan of dude’s music

J-Rocc | April 29, 2009 6:51 PM | Reply

good shit. can’t wait to hear what he drops next month.

Rondo | April 29, 2009 7:04 PM | Reply

yes. new Nino Bless coming soon. do your thing homie. dig your music.

The Bean | April 29, 2009 7:14 PM | Reply

just ordered that Marksman CD off mixunit. can’t wait for the new project to drop.

DJ J-Ronin | April 29, 2009 11:36 PM | Reply

Nino bless is my hero!!! 🙂

Flatbush! Booyakasha!!!!!