Nino Bless – Untold Scriptures

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Nino Bless is an MC’s MC and New York is simmering with mad talent right now. They have been for a while now but that NYC MIC revolution/reinvention/reincarnation will not be done thru the mainstream. You will have to be one with the concrete to witness and experience it. The “microwave” (aka blogs) my get you heated up quick but it’ll take sites like Rapmullet to get you fully baked. Do remember cause that’s the truth…ruth.

Speaking of co-signs, Nino Bless comes thru with Mick Boogie, Big Mike, J-Love and DJ Lennox with the ill ass intro (It’s the N-I-N-O…that shit was ill). It doesn’t get much realer than that people. Now while the hook for the “Da Livest” was kind of generic the word play on the bars is top notch. Let’s flip it with “Times are Hard”…probably the most polished track up on here. That vocal sample, hook…ill, and Nino Bless slaps you with that reality as only a few can do. “They grew up with poor sense, but when you pour sense it’s hard to come by, liquors still poured when somebody’s son dies”…deep. Budden bats clean up on the song bringing that raw emotion as only he can do. Back on that mixtape music you got “Goin In” with Grafh. This joint is like a crash course in precise word play with a twist of wit. And I quote…”I’m a cold soldier, Pun mixed with Hova, Ether with a twist of Chris’ The Bridge is Over”…that slick shit. Not to mention Grafh…”You wasn’t serving, you nerdin’, ni99a you was a twerp, you wasn’t bursting you herbin’ ni99a you wouldn’t burp.” Hahahaha, classic. Most cats been heard “3rd Degree” by now, shit is real crazy but the thing that stands out is the fact Nino Bless steps up lyrically when the feature pressure is on. Go back and listen to his verse then listen to Saigon, Scram and Crooked I and you can hear it…think I’m lying? Shit. If you only listen to one track on here tho, let it be “Cause of Influence (Nicks Story)”. That’s hip hop right there people and an ill story in the same rhyme; talk about painting a picture. If you don’t already fuck with “4 In The Clip” you need to give yourself a wedgie for being a lame, it’s that simple.

All the dope featured MCs aside; Nino Bless stands on his own two like a true MC. He has lyrics for days, a slick sense of humor and a MIC foundation based in the real world. I think he recognizes that he has a voice to represent the people and doesn’t take it for granite as well. There’s always room to grow and I hope he continues to challenge himself. Lyrics in 2008 are the road less traveled but rest assured Rapmullet as well as a few others are riding right along with him.