Nipsey Hussle – Bullet’s Ain’t Got No Names Pt. 3

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Tap a vein people cause the new west got that dope. I could understand if some white broad in Vermont doesn’t know about Nipsey Hussle but damn if you’re a mixtape fan or even a marginal hip hop fan you know about Nipsey Hussle. That “Hussle In The House” remix left a crater in the concrete that is hip hop, fuck what ya heard. Bullet’s Ain’t Got No Names was the wheel. Part 2 was rider music. Part 3…

Man, Nipsey career on the MIC is coming full circle. I mean you got a joint like the “All My Life” freestyle, which is classic mixtape music, bars like…”yellow gold chain, blue chucks, white Tee / you do what you can, me I does what I please”. He setting the tone people. “We Gangbanin'” is that head nod, that slow crawl anthem, that rewind material…hook got me open too. “Gotta Take It” knocks too. I’m figuring that hook will do nicely on radio but I’ll be damn if that shit doesn’t wanna make you poke out ya chest and talk some shit. If you bought bars you def fucking with “Speak My Language” with Banks and Corey Gunz. NOt much I can say about that joint, you just gotta hear that one. “Diamonds” with that Biggie sample and slick bars gotta be one of my favorite joints up on here. He said: “cause I’d rather sit up with Shyne then lay stiff in the pine / box, ni99as out daily / south central crazy like a angry Israeli in a bullet proof Mercedes”. Ahhh man I listened to this joint like seven times. If I had to pick one joint that I’m hatin’ on it’s gonna be “Rich Roll”. The auto-tune vibe, overly polished beat and random broad on the hook had me hiting the FF button. Shit sounded forced to me. Don’t get if fucked up tho. I’m a fan of that polished sound. “Hoodstar” is my shit and that beat polished as hell. I’m a fan of the flow on this one, Nipsey got control of that shit like a vet. “Fast lane, pocket’s on swole when I cruise by…”.

This is a balanced ass project people. I mean Nispey ready to go to that next level, the sound is there. There’s a couple mediocre joints on here. You know that older shit that hit the cutting room floor. It’s to be expected. Cats are learning to keep that potent shit on the album. The main selling point for me is lyrically Nip Hussle got it and when you throw him of some slick production he shines like crazy. Fuck with this joint cause it’s good hip hop music period.