No Gimx – The ReMixTape

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Welcome “name” to the Rapmullet review section. I’m down to check out any new blend/remix CD at this point. I mean it’s to the point where we get 1 maybe 2 actual blend cds a month. We get a few blend dvds which seem to be where the skill cats are going to now cause that visualaspect just adds a whole other dimension. The bottom line is you can only blend the old music so many times and if the new music isn’t up to par, like it is now, then its just a wrap. Props to these cats for keeping hope alive tho and flippin’ some original production as well.

That into was tight man, cuts tight like Dipset’s t-shirts. The crawling piano on “City Of God” was the shit. Only thing tho was that Rae verse from “C.R.E.A.M” is like a dusty tampon in 2007. I applud the effort and the fact cats chose some classic verses but those acapellas been used up to me. I’m diggin’ the energy on “Stomp”…this some elbow swinging shit. It’s always a pleasure to hear a flip of Kool G Raps “On The Run”, the blend is tough. The “Your Lifes On The Line” blend was aight, it grew on me cause the beat gave the track a different vibe. Listen to old 50 Cent his voice sounds mad generic to me now, I see why he wasn’t standing out back then. The beat on “The Set Up” is very Premo-esque. Redman sounds ill over this shit too.

Blend wise the project is 2 1/2 tapes, def cop-able and def some rewind material on here. Beat wise, cause cats were using original production the shit is 3 tapes. Honestly tho the project did what it was supposed to do…highlight the production. Now it’s time to get some MCs on those joints and see where it goes.