Noah Jones – Cinematic

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You know I love me any type of Cinematic mixtape but to put that in the title you gotta come correct. Right now tho and this is important, you can tell who the hungry hungry MCs are. There’s really only a few and Noah Jones is one of them. He dropped two projects in the last couple weeks, new videos and before that another project and before that another with more videos. Those the cats I want to review. Those the cats I want to give shine to. So MCs take notes and be aware that you got a ways to go if you’re trying to catch up to Noah Jones.

This project right here tho, nothing but top notch bars.

MONSTER with Charlie Clips got that knock. Jimi Kendrix on the beat and Noah breaks down his come up as a shorty that make him…a monster. Charlie Clips owned that shit too. I peeped his latest mixtape the other day, shit is hard as a brick wall.

ACTIN STRANGE with the soulful hook and featuring Rain had me open. Noah’s flow on that second verse was as polished as I’ve heard hit spit. Rain made his verse sound effortless, shit might be too easy for him.

LETS DO IT, another Kendrix production is all head nod. Noah said “hook is hot but the verses are like Molotovs”…that pretty much sums it up.

SlOW IT DOWN is the jewel. The joint that lends some life lessons as well as highlights the grind of being an MC. I dig that hook too.

I like where Noah went with KILL MYSELF too. Its dark and its honest. You’d be surprised at how many cats feel the same way as Noah described in that song. We need more songs like this in the world today cause you never know who you’re gonna touch with the music.

Another solid effort all around. Shout to DJ Simon Sez for holding down the mix. Like I said above I appreciate MCs that aren’t afraid to put in work and Noah Jones is working. Cats can scream about how they’re gonna own 2011 but Noah owns right now and he will probably own 2011 too.