Noah Jones – The Hood Needs A Hero

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You know who needs a hero right now. Hip Hop does. Seriously. These young MCs are looking up to swag rappers as the leaders of hip hop music. How sad does that sound? Maybe the hood really does need a hero too. Enter Noah Jones.

You know who blacked out. DJ Simon Sez on that intro…damn. That’s how every artist’s mixtape should open. I love that raw energy coming off that shit. “Came Too Far” kind of mello’s that energy tho but the song is all about raw emotion. I fuck with how Noah structured “That’s It”. It’s kind of like a hook with in a hook but it separates the bars like nothing I’ve heard in a minute. My favorite joint is “No Easy Way Out”. Noah switching up gears flow wise and he said some real life shit. I can still smell the booth smoldering after he burned it down with this one. “Just Wanna Fuck U” was a lil boring, not sure if it was the beat or the lazy flow. On some mixtape music shit he owned “On The MIC”. It’s not the most polished joint but I dig the fact he’s just having fun with the flow, making it sound real easy. The sleeper joint is “Surrender”. Noah sounds real focused on this one. “Equivalent to Jason when the mask is on”.

It’s safe to say he’s real comfortable on the MIC. I’d like to hear more of that shit on “No Easy Way Out” considering cats don’t really stay in that lane flow wise these days and he did that with ease. I still think he’s still looking for his sound tho. You know that perfect beat formula that compliments his voice. I mentioned before some joints sound real easy for him so I think he needs some more challenging beats, especially that mixtape music of known beats. I might even hop on some R&B sounding joints and thug ’em out with that realness. I think he’s versatile enough to pull that off. I love the hunger tho man, you can not deny that Noah Jones is a hungry ass MC.