Noxmen Committee & DJ Victorious – The Bring Back

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I see the Noxmen Committee doing they thing, staying consistent with the grind, with the mixtapes ect. They got DJ Victorious holding shit down which is always a good look and an up grade from past projects. If you got a team of people everyone gotta be bringing something back to the table. Money, connects, fat pussy to run through, some fur coats that fell off a truck, studio time or at least bring a dime bag through for the crew to get right with. What are you bringing back?

“Game Transition” was smooth. J-Stud got it in the best on this joint, I think he’s vocals were at least leveled the best. T Hope got off a lil something on the hook, shit was type hypnotic. Ahh Champ B killing the word play early on that “Alchemist Freestyle II”; he said “thick bitch get’er”. I can dig it. I like the hook again on “Mans World” but the beat was way to busy, that shit over shadow’d T. Hope on the vocals. I like the structure of “You Got Swag” and I think Stealberg got one of the most unique voices out there. I’d prefer to hear him properly mixed on that slow flow shit, like over some old Scarface type beats just fucking your head up. J-Stud was shinning on “The Introduction”. I mean you can truly hear the potential in dude lyrically. The “G.Q. Beatz Colabo” is some polished shit along with Co Reed and Push Montana. Most def one of my favorite joints is “Criminal Mind”. That vocal hook is some shit man, the vibe that joint gives off is crazy. Best track to me is “G’s Up”. I mean its that raw rhyming back to back but every single MC in the group did they thing at a high level. Stealberg stole the shine lyrically tho, again with that slow flow to compliment his laid back style. Marz$ impressed with “Recognize”. Another ill vocal sample, I won’t let who that’s from out the bag cause I doubt you could clear that shit. The track is just raw emotion tho, that shit you can relate to; ain’t no bullshit coming from Marz$.

As stated above, DJ Victorious doing what he do. He added the “mixtape” element to the project while never out shining the artist. Thats one stand up DJ who truly puts his money where his mouth is and supports these cats that are coming up. Props to that man. As for the Noxmen you can def hear the potential in they rhymes. Lyrically they all there, I think it comes down to the production and just the overall sound. It takes a minute, especially a group of MCs, to find their sound, that shit that they just know they sound good on every time out. Plus its difficult to get that polished/mastered sound that you need where all the levels is straight ect and the sound is crisp like that when you’re on the come up. Shit ain’t cheap ya dig? What you can hear tho is the hunger in each member of the group and the fact that they are staying consistent lyrically. It’s all about challenging yourself with the flows, with the instrumentals. Trying different sounds, not being afraid to take risks and finding that niche where you feel at home on any beat.