Obie Trice & DJ Exclusive Present… – Bango : The Big Bango

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It’s good to see DJ Exclusive back up in the Rapmullet review section. He’s brought some friends along with him this time out. I know you’ve heard of Obie Trice but Bango…you might have to get familiar with. I get alot of unsigned/unknown/un-heard of artist mixtapes and truth be told I’m starting to find at least two MCs each month that have the potential to do big things…I’m listening but I don’t know how well these A&R;’s/Lables out here are. With major labels holding onto their money like they just got put on WIC and don’t want to share their government cheese who wants to be signed to a major anyway?

Bango is the truth. Well…maybe not “the” truth but one of them. I’m telling ya’ll, every month I’m hearing an MC that is ready to blow the fuck up. The fact that Bango intro’d his mixtape with “Under The Weather” spittin’ over “Verbal Intercourse”…I knew I was in for some shit. That is how you introduce yourself to the listener people. The mixtape track of mixtape tracks is “In The D” with Paradime and Trick Trick. Yo! rewind this joint cause cats were getting it in like true vets. See these days MCs not only need to be able to rhyme but you got to have a personality beyond the words. Peep “Bango Good Shit” and you see that coming though in mass amounts. This joint is catchy, a def mixtape hit, Bango sounds like this shit is to easy to him man. Same could be said for Doc Danz on “Number 2”. The chorus of this joint is jokes but the shit is feel good music for the soul…or at least for that Number 2 bitch in your life. Obie Trice stomped the shit outta “Wanna Kill Me”; another dope track. Mad energy on “Back To Dinner” with Bango and Marv Won. The “D” got hella talent on the MIC. “Get In There” is my favorite joint. Bango got jokes but the metaphors are crazy, and I quote: “pussy tight like four heads in a Geo.” Hahahaha and he said talking shit on the track, “I just want to see if they can fit bitch, you got a mouth like a mutha fucking pit bull terrier chasing a mutha fucking meat waggon…Bitch”. Lol Bango was killing me man. The flip side to the jokes, the nasty fuck any bitch personality is “Life Happens”; the story telling was picture perfect.

Lets see what I learned about Bango…”he doesn’t want to fuck you ho, he just wants to get his dick sucked”…oh yea, dude can flat out rhyme too. He’s got the personality to hold your ear for a whole album, (I can only imagine the skits). I can see him flipping any type of concept, he’s got a crew of talented MCs to feature as well as Obie Trice holding him down and DJ Exclusive got him on the mixtapes and in the studio. As with any street certified mixtape the beats gotta be proper and Exclusive did his thing on that tip. Can you hear that people? No? That’s the Big Bang-o…you’ll hear him soon enough.