Oddz.N.Endz Music – Soul Survivor

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I was fortunate enough to get this CD early and have an opportunity to listen to it over the last few days. This project right here is taking the “mixtape” to a whole new level. For those that don’t know, Oddz.N.Endz are producers and they showcase their “production” through their mixtapes. Now this might not be a brand new concept but they certainly are taking it to the next level. What I mean is production wise on a mixtape their are no limitations i.e. sample clearances ect. The shit is endless as far as sampling because it’s on a mixtape and it really shows the world what these guys can do on the production side. The buzz behind this CD is tremendous and has pretty much solidified production credits for them in the future, guaranteed.

You have nothing if there’s no soul to it and well Oddz.N.Endz capture that “soul” like no one has in a minute. “King In A Man’s World” is the proper jump off. T.I and Lil Scrappy sound cool as fan on this beat and James Brown hasn’t lost a step. Yung Joc may only have one flow but “Goin Down” with that Rose Royce sample gave him a different sound and it still was radio friendly. Speaking of radio friendly sounds, peep “Badd Mamma Jamma”. That shit with the hand claps is infectious. Slim Thug was the perfect match for “The Boss”. I can’t picture another MC on that beat and the bongo’s was killing shit! Creativity reigns on “Lean On Me, Rock Wit It”. If you can’t figure out what they did with this song just by the title then you’re stupid. The sample from “Problems” has been used before but they keep that concept alive with Lil Scrappy on the verse. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Look Of Love by Isaac Hayes is one of my favorite all time songs and I think Oddz.N.Endz did it justice with the rolling drums and in using some of the original song too. If I gott pick a favorite joint it’s gonna be “Ghetto Boy”. That shit is just an ill colabo; Akon, Nas and Donny Hathaway. This track is something special.

Considering the mixtape landscape at this very moment, they dropped this project at the exact right time and well timing is everything. Through word of mouth alone the buzz is crazy for Oddz.N.Endz right now. Don’t be surprised to hear some hits before the summer is out. Speaking of summer this is a nice compliment to the mixtape rotation in everyone’s ride. They got the block music sound, they got the radio appeal on here and the overall vibe is some feel good shit. If I was a know MC I know I would be hitting ’em up. Damn, what are they putting in the water down there in Florida anyway? The new Florida sound is killing the game people. Bow down.