P.A. – Rhythmicism Blvd EP

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P.A. stands for Prince Ali and for those still not knowing he’s from Toronto. So now, you know…act like it. This is an EP too. An EP! Thank you P.A. it is appreciated. I mean as an MC if you can’t get your shit off in 8-10 tracks you’re not an MC. We don’t need no 25 track mixtapes to know if your dope. P.A. setting trends MCs and you should follow in this case. If not just for the sake of everyone’s ears.

Let’s see. Words to describe P.A. on this EP… hmm. Smooth, slick and intricate. Smooth is the title track “Rhythmicism Blvd”. That laid back shit with some super sized word play. I had to rewind the first 8 bars 13 times to break it down properly. Slick is “Can’t Break”. “I need mad money like a pissed Jew”…I can dig it. Intricate is “On The Road” with AZ, FT, ASN and Keisha Shontelle. I don’t think I’ve ever heard AZ get off on some rapid-fire shit but he freaked it. Now keep in mind P.A. spit last and I thought he might get buried but he came off better than Bone Thugs in their prime. Easily the most slept on lyrical track of 2008. How did I miss this one? (slaps self). That’s three tracks and an intro and you already know P.A. is better than 90% of the MCs spittin’ today. That’s how you freak an EP properly. I don’t even need to say more. Google the title and go download it you bastards. I’m out.