Pacific Division – Sealed For Freshness: The Blend Tape

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Is Cali creeping on the come up? Hell mutha fuckin’ yea it is. A big welcome to Like, Mibbs, and B-Young who collectively make up Pacific Division as well as Swift on the beats. I really didn’t know what to expect with this CD. When I got the email I could tell it was something different but when you mention blends you know I’m thinking blends in the traditional mixtape sense. I was wrong man, wrong like fat bitches who still wear spandex to the club. Once every so often you get a project, a CD, that just blows you away and you really can’t describe it because you’re at a loss for words, this is one of those projects people.

If you read my reviews you’ll hear me write about a “true” mixtape track from an artist aka rhyming over a known beat. Well essentially that’s the “blend” in this “tape”. Except, Pacific Division is on a whole other level with it. They just don’t rhyme over a known or classic beat they OWN that shit. What I mean is they take the concept of the song, flip the hook their own way and make it their own. As with a traditional “blend” you want that shit to sound better than the original or at least as good and that’s exactly what they do EXCEPT they do it with their own rhymes. Ya dig? Not since 50 Cent flipped classic mixtapes in the same vein have I heard MCs do it so well. Don’t get it fucked up either; this is not no 50 Cent music. This is intelligent, real life living at home at age 23 with no job parents buggin’ the hell outta you ain’t got no money type of real. Who can’t relate to that at some point in their life? From the first “blend”, “Pacific Division” I was open. Not only did they rhyme over classic Gang Starr and EPMD they flipped a verse over a Fat Boys track. I never heard and MC do they thing so well over the Fat Boys and the word play was ill on some had to rewind that type shit. “Put Me On” speaks volumes for all the MCs that can’t get a deal based on the current state of hip hop. “U Know My Style” is hard as a track can get and the subject matter is just some real shit, no fake gangsta shit just MCs that know who they are. My favorite joint is “Act Like U Chillin”. At first I didn’t like the hook but the energy on this track is strong like bull and it just grows on you man, plus the shit oozes original style. If you’ve peeped the clips so far you gotta know they re did the Pharcyde with “Passing Us By”. This is what I’m talking about when I say they OWNED the tracks. “Grown Kid Syndrome” is some deep shit man, many cats in this situation can relate. Just peep “How We Chill” and enjoy it. I could go all day with the highlights so let me slow my roll.

Never have I heard a group of MCs as ready to roll as Pacific Division. They should be an A&R;’s wet dream but Hip Hop is so twisted they don’t get that look. On the real, If you’re an A&R; or major DJ in the game reading this you need to give that look. Most up coming MCs need that seasoning but not these cats. I didn’t hear one punch in on this CD from any MC, nor did I hear a flow slip or show any signs of weakness. Pacific Division knows who they are which is rare with MCs today. They have the real life appeal, they know how to make actual songs and above all else their already developed. You can tell that by one listen of this CD and they are ORIGINAL. Hit them up at and cop it soon at Stop sleeping people. Ya’ll gonna make me go out and rob some banks just to put them on, Damn!