Pause Tape God – New Jack City Vibes

Track List: Al.Divino x Big Ghost Ltd – Premium Octane Boldy James x Benny The Butcher – Scrape The Bowl

Pause Tape God – Holiday Holdup

Track List: Ransom ft RJ Payne – The Red Wedding Grafh – No Reason Westside Gunn ft. AZ & Stove

Chong Wizard – Blessing Season

Welcome back Chong Wizard to the Rapmullet review section. It’s been a minute or a decade or something. As I’m

DJ Geo Roc – 2 Da Death Chapter 3

Always wished we could have gotten more DJ Geo Roc mixtapes. There was a really good interview with him years

DJ Daddy Dog – 5th Period Detention

This is a golden era classic. Truth be told when I’m in the mood for some classic hip hop music

Beedie & Billy Hoyle – Very Legendary

After steeping my ears in Very Legendary for a week I would describe this album as versed, genuine and relaxed.

DJ Unexpected – 300% Recycled Material

This feels like 2004 all over again. Rapmullet was new and the first classic DJ Unexpected review goes up. Deja

DJ Neil Armstrong – Get In Loser, We’re Going Crying

This is easily a top 5 goat mixtape title. New Wave music as a whole is such a broad genre

Dead Prez Information Age’d: Time To Wake Up & Soak Up

Right around the time I swore off mixtapes, writing reviews and anything Rapmullet I stumbled upon Dead Prez’ new album