Papoose – 4th Quarter Assassin

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The 4th Quarter is ending real soon and it wouldn’t be complete without some lyrics. MCs think their shit is lyrical but it takes more than a few metaphors to really be a lyrical giant. In Papoose’s case…..17 mixtapes deep; line for line and bar for bar one of mixtapes prodigal sons on his way to the lyrical all of fame. If you unsigned MCs think you have it hard try living up to pressure of signing a 1.5 million dollar record deal and you’re about to release your first album knowing if it doesn’t live up to the hype your career is pretty much done.

One thing I gotta give Kayslay is he brings that soul to Papoose’s mixtapes; especially when he chops up an old sample while producing some shit. “Double Cross” sounds like one of those joints. Papoose is a master of the slow flow and he’ll catch like four bars where the word play is some of the best shit you’ve heard since Kool G Rap in his prime. “Change Gon Come” getting that major media exposure from Fox News. Papoose exposing the ills in the NYPD story with the Shawn Bell “assassination”. Whether cats wanna believe it or not “they” want to make hip hop music “the” enemy. Watch how hip hop plays a part in the presidential election in 2008. This track “exposes” people and when that happens “they” always flip it and bouce it like it was justified. “Here Comes The Pain” with Sheek is the hardest song out right now. I don’t know if you’ve heard this track but Papoose got the verse of the year on this joint. I was surprised with “Men of Respect”. This another track with a crazy soulful sample and Lil Eazy E was a good fit too. “To The Right” is how you make a true mixtape track. You take something that cats would never expect you to spit on and flip it and own that shit. Aint really anything to say about “Too Hot”, another Kayslay flipped soul classic. I don’t see “I’m Getting Gwop” as the first official single tho. I mean that’s how we got it sent to us and we def supported that in the IPod but I think cats is using it as a barometer testing the climate right now. I see something else dropping and holding down ’07. Only track I really got a problem with is that Deepside joint “Lets Make Love”. I hope the check was proper cause this track is some silly sally bullshit.

Me personally I’m anxiously awating The Nacirema Dream. Hip Hop music is at a cross roads in 2007. Its really time for MCs like Papoose as well as the other young crop of taleneted MCs to put out quality product but its also on the consumer to step up and support the music. Lyrically Papoose owns NY. He’s one of the rare MCs that actually realizes he has the power to teach the masses thru his music and can pull it off without being preechy while still maintaining the block. I wouldn’t say this is his best mixtape overall but you can’t deny the lyrics and the message in the music is like nothing out right now.