Papoose – Already A Legend

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“Papoose…pap–oose.” He is most def and without question a mixtape legend. As well as being one of the only MCs from NYC to build a sustainable buzz through mixtapes in the post 50 Cent (who bit Doo Wop and the Bounce Squads) mixtape flip formula. I think the majority of people knew the Jive deal wouldn’t jive(pun) but you take it as a learning experience and move on. Kay Slay sounded very confident when he announced their Jive release on his radio show and he should, but the truth is it will be harder than ever to get back to that pre-Jive Papoose buzz now…legend or not.

“Street Credibility” is a strong record lyrically but the beat doesn’t do it justice. The word play in the first 8 bars alone is beyond what 90% of these rappers can do on the MIC. “You mad cause I’m stylin’ on you”…naw man I’m mad cause this hook is clock radio speaker weak; this joint is filler material. I wish he would have flipped another beat to “Take Chances” cause bar for bar the message couldn’t be any clearer. I agree that Papoose is “the most lyrical” but “Fitted Hat Low” is dumbed down like a mutha fucka. This track got me shaking my head..”get your weight up not your hate up”. What the fuck is that? This must have been one of those Jive, old electric guitar playing A&R; influenced tracks because this isn’t the Papoose cats fuck with on the MIC. “I weave like fake hair”…come on man! “Law Library Pt. 4” is that classic shit, this is what built his fan base strong like bull; peep the hook too, that shit is classic. “Wait Till I Get My Gun” is that proper mixtape music. That’s how you take someone else’s beat and own it…make it yours and let it be know. I’m diggin’ the soul and story telling on “Two Shots”…we need more joints like this man. My favorite track on here tho is “BK Stomping”. You take that word play mixed in with Papoose’s raw energy and it’s classic theme music for the block.

This mixtape by itself lyrically is better than half the mixtapes out right now. As far as this joint holding up to Papoose’s other mixtapes tho, it’s not as good; hence the two and a half tapes. It’s def cop-able cause with joints like “Law Library 4”, “Two Shots” and “BK Stomping” you can’t go wrong. One thing still stands out to me tho…the so called “commercial” joints sound mad forced. If it was me I would never have Papoose do some shit like that ever again, cater to what got you your fan base in the first place and it will be all good.