Papoose – The 1.5 Million Dollar Man

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Who’s not fucking with Papoose? I’ma cop the album based on his lyrics alone, but hey, I’m a lyrical dude so that’s what it is. I heard Papoose has enough material for three albums. I started thinking….he dropped 15 mixtapes and still has enough material for three albums….that’s putting in work…serious work. Food for thought. Imagine if Papoose came out in 1994. Would we be talking about him like we do other NY rappers; Nas, Jay Z or Biggie?

Papoose and Havoc is nice collaboration. “The 1.5 Million Dollar Man” is that joint to have you rocking back and forth with a mean mug. I’m not huge fan of the beat for “cake” but Papoose rhymed his ass off for three minutes. When he switches the flow near the end I was going crazy…rewind…rewind…rewind just to take it all in. I can’t lie to ya’ll, “Ghetto Soldier” with Akon is growing on me. Green on the beat with those snares was crazy too. Stop frontin’ on Kayslay with the production. I like how he flips the old samples, he got a good ear for the classics and I was diggin’ “Brotherly Love”. Now the beat for “Live From The Block” is crazy as cat shit. Paul Wall and Mike Jones…ehhh, shit was ok but Emile on that beat is beasting. “On Site Beef” is the Papoose I wanna hear every time out the box. “I’m bout to spit some crack for you hope you got your pipe.” Ahhh that’s that shit! The sleeper track hands down is “Troubles”. Oooooo, that’s the illest sample and dude flipped it almost as good as the RZA did. I’m not gonna front on the readers, after this point in the CD I was lost. Too much pop-ish material, even that Maino joint “Haterz”; the rhymes was cool but that hook would annoy a def person. “Sexy Girl” was O.K, “Gotta Be Me” same thing.

This is def not the best Papoose mixtape he’s put out but the shit is better than most the garbage in rotation right now. As far as actual MIC skills and concept songs there are few MCs that can fuck with Papoose. This doesn’t equal records sold by any means but it does equal a top notch MC that knows who he is and where he’s going; and that’s a rare quality in todays hip hop artist.