Pay$oz Interview

Chew: Pay$oz what’s good? Tell the people where ya from and how long you been in the game?

Pay$oz: I’m Chillin You Know Same O, Same O. I’m From Brooklyn, A.K.A. BrookNam Vietnam Its A war and struggle out here in these streets. I’ve been Rapping since eight years old and been in the game for 2 years strong doing my diddy bop all diddy day.

Chew: Right out the gate…Why did you become and MC?

Pay$oz: My pops was a musician and I always had a love for music, but I didn’t really wanna rap. My hommy H. D actually influenced me in writing my first rhyme and from there it was a rap.

Chew: What kind of situation are you looking to get into? Major label, straight indie ect.

Pay$oz: I’ve been offered a few deals from independent labels but the situations offered to me wasn’t really up to par. I really want a distribution deal for Team R Sinal Records, that’s who I’m runnin with now, but If that can’t happen I would like a Record Deal with a Major Label.

Chew: As an up and coming MC what’s the best way to get heard by the right people?

Pay$oz: The mixtape seen is a great source of promotion, and exposure for any upcoming artist. Now a Days you have to have something to offer these DJ’s in order to be heard. There are many great artist on the come up right now that can’t be heard because they have an insufficient budget.

Chew: What’s your creative process like when you record?

Pay$oz: I’m on the Streets heavy for the many that know me and whatever happens to me I write about. Besides that I can relate to a lot of peoples pain and struggles so theirs times I actually sit there in my own world writing and creating music for myself and everyone else.

Chew: How do you feel about MC’s rhyming over known beats? You think it died with 50 Cent or cats just ain’t doing it properly?

Pay$oz: Me personally I rap over a lot of industry beats because many new producers aint giving me what I need to write they be feeding me a lot of garbage. I don’t believe it died out with 50 cent I think cats really just aint doing it properly. A lot of these new rappers imitate other rappers and they are not true to themselves. Shout out to the good producers out their,Don Piccaso, DJ Nice, Cells, Crack City productions, Reese, Kid wonder, and whoever else produced for me much love.

Chew: Besides yourself, are there any MC’s on the come up right now that you listen to, that inspire you?

Pay$oz: No not really.

Chew: Aight, say you bout to get locked up on a lengthy bid right. They’re gonna let you bring a CD player and only two CDs to listen to and that’s all you get for the whole bid, what two CDs are you bringing and why?

Pay$oz: I Would bring Biggie first album Ready to Die because it had a big influence on me growing up when I was going through some major problems and my second choice would be Jay-Z first album Reasonable Doubt because it had the biggest influence on me to be yourself no matter what for every one person that don’t love you there are two more that do.

Chew: Now most MC’s will say not “making it” in Rap Music is not an option but what would you do if rhyming doesn’t work out for you? What’s Plan B?

Pay$oz: To be honest I’m a high school graduate, and I have many different hustles, but being a rapper is my passion and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Chew: Switching it up to mixtapes. Who do you fuck with when you cop mixapes? What DJs ya checking for?

Pay$oz: Shout out to my nigga DJ Classik he on the come up, he Team R Sinal DJ I fucks with duke, C.E.O Im heavy on his tapes, Clue joints always crazy, K Slay, Kochece that’s my dude shout out to him to, Unexpected shows me love I cop his joints heavy,On Point, J Armz, and The mixtapeboss Redchild. Those are the main DJ’s who I’ve been showing love to and they’ve been doing the same.

Chew: Around your way who is really really killing the mixtape game? What DJ(s) are really heavy in the streets?

Pay$oz: The main DJ’s who you know, Clue, Kay Slay, Kochese, On Point, J Armz and Redchild.

Chew: You got a new mixtape about to drop, tell us a little about what we can expect. Is anybody hosting it? Where can people cop it ect?

Pay$oz: The Mixtape is called The Last of A Dying Breed, its being hosted by On Point, Redchild, and Instrumentals being provided by J Armz. The reason I choose this name is because I know I’m one of the last few standing rappers in Brooklyn that can make a difference in this rap game. The greatest rappers either passed away (God bless) or they are not rapping anymore. I’m not trying to bring anything back Like everyone else is saying I’m setting my own trends and opening doors for the others after me. The Mixtape is actually done and it will be out by the time this interview is posted or a week after the latest. The cd is Crazy a lot of different shit on their, you can order it at, or any other mixtape site.

Chew: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions man. Any last words for the readers?

Pay$oz: Ya niggas is in for something else real talk, shout out to everyone that’s supporting me and holding me down too much names to name but ya know who ya are. Names Pay$oz hate it or love it, none like me I diddy bop, all diddy day, on the city block on the griddy grind, Holla Front at me Niggas Teks I see you Team R Sinal Yea!!!!!