Pay$oz – The Corporate Takeover

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Ahh man you cats are asleep like you main lining Ambien or some shit. Pay$oz got bars plain and simple. I’m telling you one listen and you catch a bad one. Shit feels like that time I was running from the cops when I was 15 one night, cut through a neighbors yard and ran right into a close line. Woke up the next morning and had like 4 rope burn marks on my face, Pops was like “what the fuck happened to you?!?” That’s how The Corporate Takeover hits you lyrically.

The incomparable Rob E Rob is hosting and I’ll be damn if he doesn’t keep shit moving like a true mixtape vet. Shout to him, always on that g-rind. “Welcome” is my joint. That dude intro’n is mad funny…”Fuck this Pay$oz guy…he’s not even a vato!” “You didn’t get your start on the train playing the guitar like we did homes” Hahahaha. Pay$oz said: “I spit like a bad clitoris, I’m a disease”…damn and ehhhew that’s nasty. He murdered that slow flow. “Long Time Coming” is that lyrical versatility, that raw emotion that paints the picture of the struggle. “These words is what I grant you”…indeed. “Lonely Streets” is that well-rounded track…the boom bap on the beat, melodic flow…I can dig it. Pay$oz can come off mad laid back but you can hear the conviction in his voice on this one. That guitar on “Weather The Storm” will have you open as much as Pay$oz letting off with the story telling. My shit is “Broken Home” tho. That hook drew me in and then Pay$oz just flipped lyrically with the music we can all relate too; real life, real broken home type shit.

I’m not gonna bullshit you, Pay$oz might not be for everyone. You def have to appreciate lyrics. If you want to dance, you need to go elsewhere. If you want to puff puff pass and break some shit down then def listen. From the last mixtape till this one I can hear the subtle improvements; the word play especially. He’s using words like a vet and that comes with experience. I think he still has room to grow tho. He’s very comfortable with the slow laid-back flow on joints but I think he shines when the BPMs increase. It’s that natural “swag” ( I hate that term). It’s not forced and sounds genuine. He’s def coming into his own and once these DJs and other cats get off the Ambien and recognize the talent it will truly be a corporate takeover.