Pay$oz – The Last Of A Dying Breed

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Man it’s good to see Pay$oz in the reivew section and in the interview section at the same time. Pay$oz is one of the original Rapmullet “Come Up” participants and is truly coming up. Team Arsinal is the squad staying on the crooked teeth grind like no other. DJ On Point is hosting, Red Child is down too and J Armz providing the instrumentals; if that ain’t a good look I don’t know what is. Pay$oz got product to push so lets get it in already.

The first track that got my attention was the “Jigga My Ni99a” remix. Pay$oz going hard on that beat and proceeds to lyrically slap all competition. Ahh see, the young god is getting ill with the word play on “It Was All A Dream”. Plus he opening up a little more as the CD goes on which every MC need to do now a days. Remember swagger is dead, MCs now have to have that swashbuckle appeal and for Pay$oz the track is “Real Ni99as Do Real Things”. No, it’s not over the Biggie beat but his flow is laid back and the confidence on this track is un-deniable. I caught some minor whiplash on the “Blue Print 2”, it’s that straight head nod people, who got my neck brace? Curtains does his thing on this track too. My favorite joint hands down is “Song Cry”. Pay$oz got out the paint brush on cats with this one. Shit is a vivid rhyme and he throws a little wit in the mix too. You know I have to mention “Can I Live”, shit is one of my favorite beats of all times and Pay$oz does it justice on some ” or be on some cool shit/drug dealer slash Rae Caruth shit”. Before we bounce from the highlights the sleeper tracks are “Early This Morning”, classic flow for the masses and “Mamma Love Me”, something cats can def relate too.

The main thing that stands out to me about Pay$oz is that he has a powerful presence on the MIC. Above the flows, the rhyme ect when you hear the tone in his voice you pay attention. I still think we have yet to hear the best from Pay$oz, he’s a young cat so expect his overall MC game to get better and better with time. Do remember hit him up at .