Phene – Leap Of Faith

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Wally Sparks got the unsigned Phene shinning right now. It’s the warm up to Phene’s album God On A Greyhound. I first heard Phene rhyme like 6 years ago and he’s gotten better every year. That’s the truth and its rare cause most “mcs” don’t rhyme for 6+ years cause when that $ doesn’t come they quit. You know what that means? Phene does it for the love, a true MC.

17 tracks deep on here is a lot. I’m a subscriber to the notion that less is more when it comes to mixtape. However that really just means Phene been working and got tracks to spare so you know there’s jewels and proper mixtape flips on here.

Speaking of mixtape flips, “Find Your Wealth” with JD Riggz stayed on rewind. Perfect balance of using words to tighten up your flow all while saying something. Phene is starting to master this shit, he’s VET status right now. At the same time the mixtape flips are holding your ear Phene slides in a joint like “Help Is On The Way”. The melodic hook and real life bars draw you in and your like “damn”. That’s the type of effect music should have on you. If you haven’t heard and seen “The Writing On The Wall” they you’re severly late, catch up. The track that impressed me the most was “Freedom Ain’t Free” with Laws. Phene got a lil rebel music in him yet, I can dig it. “Angels” is one of the most honest tracks on here and it sounds like Phene is a lil mad on this track too. We need a lil more of that. lol

Leap Of Faith describes Phene’s story of moving from York PA to Atlanta GA. The peaks and valleys of that move, real life and real situations. I appreciate an MC who wears his heart on his sleeve and that’s what Phene’s all about. This mixtape right here embodies that and that’s what any artist hopes to convey with their music. The message is real and at some point we all need to take that leap other wise you’re not truly living.