Phene – The Spokesman

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Shout to Dub Floyd and Tapemasters Inc for supporting new and soon to be “big” artists. What can I say about Phene that hasn’t already been said. He’s consistently put out good music and that’s all you can ask from an artist. He’s networked, he’s invested in himself financially and sacrificed countless amounts of time to get where he is…he might want to add AKA “smart grind” to his name because that’s all he seems to do. Let be know there is a difference between “grind” and “smart grind”.

The title track, “The Spokesman” says it all. I’m listening to the word play and it’s effortless, Phene making it sound easy. “We can’t stay fly for $5.95 / no wonder we take rides down I95.” Rewind, I had a hard time getting past the first song. Grand Larceny laced the beat for “Live & Die” featuring Canibus. Shit was knocking like eight horny lesbians and a box of strap-ons. Lyrically Phene holds his own along side Canibus, which is a feat in and of itself. Jewels were dropped on “Whatcha Life Bout”. Phene sounds comfortable on this one, letting real life flow through the bars. DJay Cas on the beat freakin’ the guitar sample too. Big Skeem slides thru on the Sean Ross produced “Weekend”, some more realness for the masses. Phene continues to speak to the people on “Quit It” The vibe got me hypnotized. “Shorty Don’t Care” is about as deep a track as I’ve heard all year. Phene giving these myspace hoes some tough love so to speak. “Thugs, learn how to channel your ventilation / cause you a role model to the nex generation”, is how it goes on “It’s Elementary”….and that hook is classic too.

I’ve listened to this mixtape many times and the it’s the most “honest” project I’ve heard in a long time. It’s all about honest lyrics, no fiction just the life of Phene. Knowledge, life lessons and some good ass advice too. The production fits perfectly too; soulful samples, crazy knocks and what purist call “real” hip hop. There are at least 5 songs on here that everyone can relate to and that’s why Phene is “The Spokesman”.