Pop Off Productions, Little Brother & Hevehitta – No Justus, No Peace

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I can’t say I know all about Little Brother. I know who Phonte and Big Pooh are tho. Honestly, this type of music has always been Dimez’s lane when it came to reviews. Doesn’t mean I can’t still do what it do. Once I saw it was a Pop Off Productions and Hevehitta joint I had to listen. That’s the “Upstate” mixtape connection right there. I think this title is fitting for 2007 as well. No Justus (Justice) No Peace is literally America right now in 2007. Do the math on that people and while you’re at it peep how these presidential candidates are getting down right now. I’ve never been a person big on voting but right now it’s imperative that you vote and get a positive change started in this country. It will affect every facet of your life if the wrong people continue to lead this country…even your mixtapes.

This mixtape right here is the equalizer, the balance that the game so desperately needs. Too many cats rhyming about bustin’ guns and selling drugs and not enough cats trying to see the ills in that behavior and inspire some positive living. The way Little Brother goes about getting their message out is probably one of the dopest things about the group. I think they recognize the fact you can’t preach to cats, especially the youth, you have to talk to em like how that MC is when he rhymes about beating the block. That right there is what sets Little Brother apart from other MCs. Peep SkyZoo sliding thru on “Keep it To The Side” and you know what it is; a perfect example of what I was just talking about. I buggin’ over the beat for “U Wonderin”. That shit got me open and Buckshot didn’t dissapoint either. One more colaboration to mention before we move on. “Rise And Fall” is my joint and its not for AZ it’s for this…”I could dumb down the rap for bitches and alcohol / but I’m to live and to proud to tap dance for these crackers dog / so…won’t be no Gregory Hein’n.” Then you peep the hook and its over…one of the dopest verses I’ve heard. Phonte hits with that straight head nod on “For You” but Big Pooh owns that beat…Popeye analogies and all. Who would have thought a Little Brother/Cormega colabo would be as powerful as it is on “Back At It”. The most important bars in that song…”don’t know how many ways to tell you we run it without being redundant.” That shit was slick and it applies to 999,999 MCs today. I was even fucking with “Breaking My Heart” with Lil Wayne on it. That’s a good sound for him.

On the mixtape side of things, the flow of the project was cool. You can tell Pop Off Prod and Hevehitta are students of the game. The drops fell effortlessly and rode right with the music…that shit is an art by itself. The skills were proper too and if I even have to remind you that the project was actually mixed you’re probably not even a fan of mixtapes to begin with. The bottom line is I’m going to check for that “Get Back” album now.