Pulla – On My Swagga

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Welcome Pulla to the review section. Just what I needed, some R&B; aka Rap and Bullshit. It’s not a shot at Pulla either that’s a shot at R&B music. Fucking birds running around listen to this crap and demanding it so what do you expect cats to play. It all goes back to Puffy, 112 and Biggie with “Only You”. That was the start of the ending for Rap and Bullshit. I don’t cop much R&B CDs at all because no one can hold their own with out the obligatory 16 bars from “enter any rapper here”. If I want R&B; I’ll listen to Sade’s greatest hits, ya feel me?

What happen to an intro? Something man, besides just playing the first track and shouting “New Megan & Fabolous”. I see Pulla is from the “Clue” school of mixtape talking. Can’t hate on it though, Clue has had a big influence on cats. The Avant and Lloyd Banks joint is growing on me a little; shit got a little mellow vibe to it. Can someone help me put the nail in the coffin of Christina Milian and “Say I”? Stupid bitch played herself out in only a few months. I can’t see playing “Get Right” at this point. “Torn” is a hit and I’m a little late on it but the shit is hitting at the right time with the right sample. “Footprints”? For real? My 6 year old was rocking to this last year, gotta come better than that man.

First off I don’t think Pulla is a real DJ in the sense of mixing records because he was just fading tracks one after the other. Now you can def get over like that but the levels gotta be proper and well on 50% of the tracks the lows was maxed like a radio station that just won’t come in right. Gotta get the levels right if you’re using this formula. My advice would be to get some well done “radio” type drops and lace those transitions and maybe get a sound man to reign in the levels. Oh yea and don’t ever put “Footprints” on a mixtape again. Pulla has room to grow, let’s see if it happens.