Question – Midget In The Trunk

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Damn, Cinematic Music Group making moves…their roster of artists is type funky. I’d like to welcome Question to the Rapmullet review section. First track I remember hearing from Question was “Midget In The Trunk” and you know as soon as I heard it I had to drop it in the Traphouse IPod. Honestly tho, that one track aside I really didn’t know what to expect from Question on a whole mixtape. What else does Question have in his lyrical trunk besides a midget?

“Intro The Sequel” took me by surprise, Question just laying it all out there given thanks to all his supporters. And I quote: “this is a resurgence of a southern wordsmith / got tapes dropping on these streets like bird shit.” This embodies the type of raw emotion you rarely get on a record now a days; five minutes and change of straight rhyming. “Jump Back” has the ill Eazy E vocal sample with Question bouncing down the beat with ease. It’s a no brainer that “Midget In The Trunk” is a hit…and should still be getting some burn from mixtapes to radio. If this beat and that hook doesn’t get your head nodding you’re dead inside…for real. He needs to come with a “I Got My Ex in the Trunk…and the bitch is still alive”; some old dark humor type shit. “Crooked In My Slab” got Question conjuring up a sup’d up flow from “Posse’s On Broadway”. This shit is catchy and fly as hell tho…another potential hit record; three minutes in and I’m singing the hook word for word. “Let It Flow” made the midget in my trunk shit his pants and get in a fetal position. “Pimpin’ Won’t Die” still has the best hook I’ve heard in a minute, plus a Question / Eldorado Red colabo is the shit. Question continues to show his range content wise on tracks like “Money Changes Everything”. He def dropped a jewel or two about “mo money, mo problems”; shit was real.

Shout to DJ Nappi for showing some skills and keeping shit moving. It’s not easy being white and being an MC. You have to be twice as nice as the next man every time. Question has the potential for mass appeal tho. His song structure is air tight, he knows what he sounds best on beat wise, and he has range in his content. The fact he can make a feel good song like “Midget In The Trunk” yet flip a true freestyle at the drop of hat shows the man is ready for prime time. So now its not a matter of if Question will blow up but when. Major labels take notice, get the check books out…Cinematic Music Group developing talent like no other.