R-Side – Co-Signed

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I’m switching my review style up so this will be formatted a little different. Cats trying to run with my shit so I need to take it to that next level.

First off, let me say, More Than Muzic is on top of their business. With so many fly by night labels and designed on a whim “companies” in the music business these brothers have their shit together. It’s not just about the marketing and press kits either. It’s the fact they actual “know” about the music business. Cats def “read a book” or “books” and know the ins and outs. Publishing, licensing, getting their music on Amazon, I-Tunes ect and actual having lawyers, business managers. It’s a beautiful thing to see, props to them. I know I couldn’t do it. Let’s get into the music tho.

R-Side has hooks for days. I can’t think of another MC or group of MCs for that matter that has so many potent hooks on a project. I wasn’t a big fan of “Game Shut Down” as the first track, I like that high energy to jump a project off and this was slow flow, but that hook got stuck in my head. The same holds true for “Rolling Out”. That shit had me bouncing and the flows were stepped up too; the increased BPMs are def friendly to R-Side. My beef tho is the fact the tracks aren’t titled with each MCs name in order of how they spit. I mean Superstar Jay says their names in the intro but still when it comes to a group and being able to identify who’s who it’s very important to know who said what instead of “that dude who spit second went in”. I love the potential of “Voicemail”. If we talking “commercial” or “cross-over” this is it. Catchy hook, something the young cats can relate too, it’s all there man. I’d like to see them push this track a lil more, voice coder and all it’s still viable in today’s market.

Production wise, shit is real slick. I’m diggin’ “Tiptronik”, had it on rewind for a minute. Again, tho the most memborable thing to me was that hook. The most complete track is “Lock Down”. This is where the marriage of beat, hook and content all come together. While we speaking on content, shit gets a little cliché throughout. Your typical braggadocio rhymes, “weed in the stash box”, money type rhymes. “Lock Down” had some jewels in it tho outside of that norm. I mean it’s cool and all to rhyme about that shit but every project needs that balance; trust today’s consumer will appreciate it.

Bar for bar the metaphors are plenty tho, I can’t front. With out knowing who spit what early makes it hard to quote shit. Wiz and Superstar Jay did a good job hosting. Every artist mixtape needs that DJ element in my opinion, even if it’s just talking shit. I like that R-Side has their own sound too. Very hard to figure that out, especially as a group. Now the dynamic of an actual group is great, you can hear the chemistry. I think the next step is to develop each member’s personality and bring that out in the music so it’s easily identifiable. Add to that the already prime time ready hook making ability and cats are true stars in the making.