Raekwon The Chef – The Da Vinci Code: Vatican Mixtape 2

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The Chef Raekwon people pay homage you lames. I gotta be honest as usual; the purple tape cuban linx days are gone. Sometimes the earth moon and stars just align and a classic album is made and an artist never seems to capture that same shit. It is what it is but one thing you can never deny is that Raekwon attacks mics like no other. He’s a beast in the booth with a guaranteed rewind appeal.

One thing I noticed is the “skits” are def not up to par on this CD, can you say wackness or how bout “made no sense” with the concept of the title. It was a nice try though and that King Of NY shit at the beggining is so played out even my daughter “wants in on dime bags sold in the park”. Ya dig? On to the music. The Rakim tribute was a good idea and Rae pulls it off but it just lacked something to me, maybe it was that beat. (shrugs). The story telling was crazy on “Fly Shawty Penelope” and one of the most vivid rhymes I’ve heard in a minute; classic Raekwon music. I fuck with the “Triumph Freestyle”, you can’t go wrong with that beat, hmmm I see a theme in the music. The best joint to me was “Counterfittin”, classic beat to accentuate Raes flow perfectly. He said: “watch me Ving Rames ya mother/so straighten up”. lol Always on that witty fly shit. The Nas verse from “Brothers Keeper” is some old shit I heard before, can’t remember the track but this is more like a blend than a actual Nas/Rae track if you ask me. Too many old joints on here man.

I gotta say I’m a little disappointed with this mixtape, but I have high hopes for Cuban Linx 2 because he certainly didn’t leak any hot shit on this project. I don’t know who the DJ was on here but they did a decent job and the skills were cool. Like I said above I notice a theme with Raes music and that’s the lack of quality production. I hope it’s all saved for the album because it certainly wasn’t on this CD. Does Raekwon still have “it”…hell yea he does but the beats will be the defining thing for the Chef.