Rain – American Dreamin 3

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I’m mad late with this one, my apologies. I admire Rain cause he been at it a minute and truthfully he doesn’t really get his just due like he should. I know how he feels tho. He’s been putting out quality music consistently and really that’s all you can ask for from an MC.

That phone ringing in the intro track still bugs me out. I’m looking around the room with these head phones on like “is that my phone?”. A picture was painted on “Tears Of A Man”. Too many MCs don’t have the skills to get descriptive with the bars but Rain owns that lane with tracks like this. Rain brought out the word play sword on “Another Episode” and he made it sound effortless. Damn, I had to rewind that joint. My joint is “Home Sweet Home” tho. If you can’t relate to this track I don’t what to tell you. Rain captured that shit perfectly and made it universal. The Ski Beats produced “Gangsta Shit” got me open too. I’m loving the flow on here. Rain might need to shoot a video to this one.

My only beef with American Dreamin’ 3 was the sound quality. Quite a few tracks were clipping in the head phones but beyond that its another solid ass project from Rain. With music having a shelf life of 7 days or less now it’s refreshing to be able to hear some shit that will breathe for a while. Music you can come back to in a couple months and it’s your theme music to get you back on track while you still chasing that American Dream.