Rain – American Dreamin’ Pt. 2: Money Over Fame

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Rain returns and he still dreamin’ people. If you missed the first joint its right here. Don Cannon is hosting and doing what he does. Def a co-sign that any MC would appreciate. The sub-title is Money Over Fame and if you don’t live by that then cats need to quit rap and joint a reality show. Fame is for douche bags we working for that money over here…Rain too.

If you fuck with the Mullet then you fuck with lyrics and skilled MCs, period. Bars, word play, cadence, balance, slick shit whatever you want to call it Rain got it. “How U Want It” is the word play, that I can flip the same word with different meanings each time with ease type shit. This is not your typical cat rhymes with hat and you do a dance music. No sir. “Gettin It In” got anthem potential even for a mid-tempo joint. Hook got me, head nodding and Rain bending bars..what else you want. Uncle Ruck shinning beat wise on “Rock On”. Another mid-tempo for the ladies type joint. I dug the picture painted on “Lady In A Red Dress”. Dope lil story telling concept going on. Lyrically “Ride” got me open. “You can’t tell me shit, cause I am my worst critic, and if you never lived it you won’t understand my lyrics, fake jewelry boostin’ ya ego ni99a we know, you rapping bout the feds but living legal.” This that raw emotion on a track. “So Soon We Change” got me rewinding shit. Rain speaking on a dynamics rarely touched in Hip Hop…old crews, tough times and real life. Not only that the hook got soul for days.

The first half of the mixtape was cool, not as potent as I was expecting compared to part one of the mixtape series. That mid-tempo shit was working tho. The second half is what impressed me and held the project down. That introspective, jewel dropping, real life music. That’s what I expect from Rain…and the American dreamin’ continues.