Rain – The Magic Hour

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To be 1000% honest with you, Rain is 1000% better than a whole lot of these so called “buzzin” MC right now that are “coming up”. Lyrically he owns ya’ll. Dudes MIC game is beyond your favorite rappers right now and it’s been there. Whether it’s politics of the game or just flat out bad luck he never seems to get that just due.

I love when when Rain drops cause he always keeps a tight concept with each project and sticks to it. Like the title says and like the intro indicates you know you’re about to get some potent ass visuals off this audio. “My Story My Glory” is a classic…scratched hook and all. That flow right there is some 2013 shit. “Baby Don’t Do It” is all soul. Not only that you rarely hear an MC spit about a female friend they ain’t never tried to tap before. Some true friendship type shit and the story behind it. The bass line for “Houdini” is fierce. “Spiritual mind with a miracle grind”…I like that shit. “You Asked For It” got me open tho. Its rare an MC gives the people the other side of the hustle game. True knowledge was dropped and you never know how this song could affect a young dudes life. Making those proper choices. If we talking knowledge then I have to mention “Wasn’t Made For These Times”. Knowledge of self that is. That sounds like a Beach Boys vocal sample too.

In a lot of ways in regards to success I can relate to Rain. Skillful enough to sell out but enough integrity to get in the way to keep him up a night. A head of your time but never getting the acclaim to match that fact. This project here tho is as solid as they come from any MC. I’m diggin’ the vibe musically. Kind of laid back, pictures painted, messages involved and nary a word or flow out of place with enough soul to make this timeless music.