Ransom – Lights, Camera, Action

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Fuck what you heard I used to live for a Ransom mixtape, especially with DJ Lust on the project. Lust got the illest mixtape voice in the game when he can consistently drop. Ransom still making good music tho, you still hear that hunger now and then minus that internet bullshit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it agin the net given out too much info cause if I see that an MC is a douche bag in real life I can’t listen to the music.

That intro was kind of weak, can’t lie. I see what they were trying to do but they could have had Lust speak that shit and just drop the title track “Lights, Camera, Action”. That joint was the perfect jump off. Alchemist on the beat with Ran in the booth what’s fuckin’ with that? “Roof Back” is that bounce, that patented Ransom flow with witty punch lines. Keeping with the “flow”…”Down Bottom” is Ran switching gears mid bar with ease, he’s toying with that beat too. One thing Ransom always does it supply some balance content wise. You get the block life then you get a joint like “Concrete” where you get a lil emotion, some real life while the metaphors stay consistent. “I graduated streets and left home with a masters”. Probably one of the realest tracks he’s dropped in a minute. Jay Rock slides thru on “Struggle”. Mayor on the beat with some potent shit. Def fuck with this track people both cats said some shit. Hook was ok, it grew on me. Nothing like another dope MC to bring the best out of Ran tho. Not sure how I feel about the RnB joints. That joint with Kelly Rowland was decent. Jade…not so much. Don’t sleep on the joint with Tony Ducks either. “Swimming In Money” got a lil anthem potential.

It’s still the same old theme music from Ran. I mean if you’re looking for music to put your tight jeans onto this isn’t it. If you want that hug the block life is kind of fucked up relate thos hit music this is your theme music right now. Technically speaking I’m not a fan of the pauses or the sound quality on some joints. I come from mixtapes on cassettes so it’s really nothing but in the digital age it should be crisper. Shout to Ransom tho, Lust, Mike, Diggz and them for keeping hope alive that quality hip hop music will be heard. *raises fist