Ransom – Pain & Glory 2

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Like I said in the Sha Stimuli review, I don’t know what the fuck you’re listening to but there’s some good ass music out right now. This project falls into the category without question. Dimez says Ransom is one-dimensional. Strictly bullets and gun smoke. I say Dimez hasn’t really listened to Ransom if that’s all he heard.

I love “Close Your Eyes”. Very rarely do you get an MC to lay everything out on the table on the first track. If you didn’t know anything about Ransom before hearing this song you will after this track. Fuck the beat, that shit is secondary, the lyrics say everything you need to hear. “I baptize the bass then christen the kick, the beat has now been blessed my vision is sick”. Ran got potent hooks too. “The Life And Times” speaks volumes….”The life and times of a ni99a struggling, ni99as hustling, I rather just die then live for nothing”. If you can’t relate to that then you’re probably dead. As for the concepts…”Opposites Attract” is next level. Not only do you get the story telling, you got Ran rhyming opposite himself in a different voice. He flips it at the end too, gotta listen to figure that one out people. I could have done without “Face Off”. That’s that one dimension Dimez was talking about. Could have held the “mayo” off this track too. “Play Ground” kills with the classic vocal sample while Ran goes off with some current events type shit. It doesn’t get much deeper than “Our Father” as Ransom pretty much rhymes with his heart hangin’ on the microphone. “I’m one hook away from the fame lord, but one block away from the graveyard…” Shit, I could quote the whole damn song.

It wouldn’t be a Ransom mixtape without the bullet’s and gun smoke but it also wouldn’t be a Ransom mixtape without honest ass lyrics straight from the heart. That’s the difference between the mass of MCs rhyming about guns and drugs and Ransom. You don’t only get the good you get mostly the bad, the pitfalls of that life and of course the struggle. Normally I would try to come up with some slick shit to say at the end of the review but I think you should just listen to “Finale” and we’ll call it a day.