Ransom – Pain & Glory

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It’s finally here people, Pain and Glory. Ransom has a healthy buzz on his hands with this release. People should be fiendin’ to cop this CD considering all the bull shit that’s out right now. Seldom does an MC wear their heart on their sleeve while maintaining credibility in the street. Guns, flashy metaphors, and overall gangsta shit aside Ransom is an MC to make you really feel a rhyme. He comes off like he’s ya man standing next to you on the corner or a regular cat you pass on the street in ya hood. I know there are MCs that are made in the game that WISH they had that appeal.

I’m not gonna give you mad highlights seeing that if your reading this you already know what Ransom is about and what he brings to the table. I think “World Premiere” captures Ransom in a great frame of mind. It sounds like he’s coming full circle as an MC. If you listen to the older tracks, some that are on here, you hear a reckless intensity. Me personally I like that shit but you can tell he’s growing as an MC and that’s a good thing. He pretty much breaks down who he is on this track which makes for a proper introduction for those that don’t know him. One thing I’ve always noticed with Ransom is he has a conscience balance in his rhymes; the good the bad, the ying and yang of life. It’s like he knows right from wrong yet the evil side seems to conquer through out and he tells you about it on “Good N Evil”. I’m not gonna say “Ladies & Gentlemen” is a pop record but it’s a lot more radio friendly than most of his tracks. Die hard fans aren’t gonna dig this at all but it’s a necessary evil in hip hop right now. Fabolous is a perfect fit for this type of track too. In all honesty I didn’t like “Super Star Shit” at first. It def shows some versatility and thats why Ransom dropped a mixtape to showcase that shit, plain and simple. I really think Magno phoned in his verse, shit was weak like clock radio speakers and Velcro sneakers. Kiotti pretty much ate Magno on this track. Kiotti and Ransom need to collaborate again. The shit that gets me open is the introspective joints like “Soul 2 Keep” and “Pain & Glory”. These are deep deep tracks; def anthems for the streets. The sleeper track is “Ransom Note”. Straight raw rhyming back to back over a concrete beat to get you amped up.

It’s gonna happen soon people. Ransom has put to much raw emotion and energy into his music for it not to pay off. I just think that in the east MCs need to find a way to circumvent the industry and make a way to eat good off of good music. I wish I had the answer to the problem but the truth is major labels aren’t fucking with good music only money making music. You know how frustrating it must be for these MCs that REALLY are talented. As far as radio friendly tracks go, I think cats are trying to hard. The beat doesn’t have to be light and fluffy it’s all in the hook right now. Think I’m lying? Do the knowledge. Bottom line with Ransom is he’s a real talented MC who knows who he is and that’s gonna get him to where he’s gotta go. The grind continues.