Rapmullet.com’s 2006 Mixtape Superlatives

Mixtape DJ most likely to bum rush the Justo Awards and speak his mind….DJ Rob E Rob

Mixtape DJ who had the game in a choke hold for 2006….Mick Boogie

Deepest Mixtape Movement of 2006….Noize Mob DJs

Mixtape DJ most likely to never see the inside of an award show…Big Mike

Mixtape DJ most likely to sell you crack and sleep with your sister all while putting out bangin’ mixtapes….DJ Diggz

Absolute worst mixtape of 2006…..Whoo Kid and Kev Samples

Mixtape DJ: who shit in a box and called it a mixtape….DJ Underdog

Mixtape Graphic artist who makes unknown MCs stars….Miami Kaos

Mixtape Graphic artists who raised the bar for 2006….Fuerte Graphics, Kenny Fiesta and Paper Works.

Mixtape Graphic artist who will have DJs in 2007 fiending for that crack…..Def Tone

Rapmullet.com’s Message board member of the year for 2006…Qwasian a.k.a “where’s the beef”. Not only will Q act ignorat as hell, he will actual make valid and thought provoking comments.

Mixtape DJ most likely to “kill de white people, but go gold first”…DJ Kay Slay

Mixtape Graphic artists most likely to suffocate from stuffing his face…Philly Custom

Mixtape Graphic artist most likely to win a Justo and later become the president of the Black Panthers…Miami Kaos

Mixtape DJ most likely to get a film deal just off DVDs….King Smij

Mixtape DJ most likely to get angry and blow up the Rapmullet message board…DJ Unexpected

Mixtape DJ most likely to fill up the exclusive game with crap in 2007…DJ White Owl

Mixtape DJ: who pushed the envelope of mixtape concepts as well as McDonalds Southern Style Chicken sandwhiches to new heights….DJ Crazy Chris

Mixtape most likely to be used to torture suspected terrorists….DJ CC’s “Beachstie Boys”

Producers who slapped the shit outta the mixtape game in 2006…Don Cannon, Oddz N Endz, and Crack City.

Mixtape most likely to be in every dope spot on the east coast….DJ Lust & Stack Bundles “My Life’s Like A Movie”

Mixtape most likely to be the theme music for every trap house in the south….DJ Teknikz’s “Georgia Power”

Mixtape DJ most likely to make a mixtape so far advanced that it goes over the average listners head….DJ Unexpected

DJ most likely to win the Ghandhi Award…Mick Boogie

Mixtape DJ most likely to have 8 different grapic designers working on the same cover…..Superstar Jay

MCs who had the Rapmullet Trap House IPod on smash for 2006….Doo Wop, Snyp Life, St. Laz and the whole Team Afficial

Mixtape DJ: most slept on for exclusives in 2006…DJ Hits

Mixtape DJ: most slept on for blends 2006 (tie) DJ Lil Raskal and DJ Dub Floyd

Mixtape Movement to watch for 2007…Team Afficial

Mixtape DJ: who either had classic mixtapes or classic piles of shit with nothing in between….DJ Whoo Kid

Worst thing about the mixtape game in 2006…DJs still using “internet” exclsuvies and album leaks while trying to drop every 3 days.

Most improved thing about the mixtape game in 2006….supporting new artist through mixtape series….ex: Noizmob’s “I’m Dat Dude/Bitch” series, G Spots “Talent Finder” series.

Big Chews MCs to fuck with in 2007….A-Mafia, Willie The Kid, Doo Wop, Ransom, Brick Saavy, Balance, Slick Pulla, Stack Bundles, Big K.R.I.T and S.A.S.

Mixtape DJ: most likely to own 2007….DJ Wally Sparks

DJ most likely to be selling socks on 125th by next year…Jay Faire