Rapture Kamp Ent – Jackin’ Fa Beats 2K6

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Let’s welcome the Rapture Kamp to the reveiw section everyone. Just so you know Rapture Kamp is made up of four MCs; Ablaze is the female of the group and hales from Inglewood CA, Y-O hales from Seattle WA, Thurzday hales from Inglewood as well, and Unjust A.N.T is from the Wood also. So you’ve already peeped the title and know what the concept is all about. Some cats thinking jackin’ beats is easy but there is def a right way to do and a wrong way to do it, lets see what we dealing with here today.

“Pharrell Jack” def got my ear and is holding my attention. Right from jump Ablaze and Y-O stand out to me voice wise. This is a nice little introduction track, I’m liking what I’ve heard just off the first jack move. The rhymes were cool but the “south jack” got me thinking there are way better beats to jack from the south, that commercial shit is tiring my ear out man. Ok Ok, Ablaze laced the “50 Jack” with some singing, that shit was smooth and her rhyme got me like “damn, what she look like”. Un Just got some slick word play on the “Jeezy Jack”, still that beat got my ear tired. The “unknown jack” was the most complete song to me, although the hook suffered on this I think each MC got it in something fierce. The potential is crazy after hearing this track. Gods honest truth I’m not trying to hear anyone rhyme over an Ashanti track, old or new whatever, naaawwww man.

I def think these cats got talent, the rhymes is on point with everyone of em, same with the flow. As far as beat jackin’ that shit could’ve been better. I don’t know how old this CD is though but still anytime you jacking for beats you’ve got to own it and make shit better if not as good as the orignal. Was that done on this CD? Yea, on a few tracks but the majority was raw rhyming over a beat which is cool but in the end you’ve got to do more. I’ma keep my ears open for the Rapture Kamp, no doubt, they got room to grow.