Rated R – Mood Swings

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This is that long awaited artist mixtape movie. Shout to Big Mike who is hosting, he stays doing his thing with the indie artist. That’s why he is who he is on the streets. Rated R has been consistent with the good music for a while now and it’s paying off. The title is mood swings and if you’re real with yourself you can relate to that shit. I know I can. I got the holes in my walls to prove it.

That intro was crazy. I mean it rivals most movie trailers. If that shit doesn’t get you excited or at least interested in what you’re about to hear you might be a robot. “Gossip” is crazy as cat shit. You wanna talk descriptive rap…this is it. Rated R gives you a glimpse of his story on that first verse then proceeds to dismantle cats talkin’ shit. “Gossip is a new drug, online thugs”. “Story To Tell” flips a Metallica sample, shit was fly, fit the mood of the song. This that heart on ya sleeve music, that raw emotion. Concept wise “Hip Hop” was potent. I always wonder why MCs refer to Hip Hop as a female? “If I don’t make it I can say I tried, and still look in the mirror and know who am I.” You can hear the hunger on the MIC for real. Most of the time flow wise Rated R is as straight forward as they come, sometimes riding the beat well and sometimes just running right through it but “Don’t Nobody Care” is that polish, that perfect fit of beat, cadence and words. My favorite track on here is “What Your Life Like”. Everyone likes to hear a story but this is dudes life and he paints the picture as only he can. “I love to be around my momma, but my momma loved to be around the drama, I grew up without a father, he grew up without his father, got me scared to have a son cause I don’t want to be my father.” This track is deep. And Rated R goes deeper with “Can’t Breath” and “Letter To My Grandmother”.

There’s a lot of pain on here people. I would assume this project was therapy for Rated R in some way. One of the most honest MCs I’ve heard in a while and that’s rare. Not a lot of flash, not a lot of braggadocio, just real situations. The mixtape is def dark and that’s cool. We need that in hip hop. We need some honesty and some life messages in the music. We also need balance and if you look at the classic albums of the past they have that. You get honest but you also get some fun and you get those anthems and that’s def something Rated R can work on. I don’t mean “fun” tracks as in club joints and poppin bottles and fucking hoes…that made up shit. You can make a fun track without that shit best believe. Rated R in his lane lyrically tho, he owns that shit but it might be time to expand it and give us some of the good times in his life too.