Ray Cash – Clangin & Swangin

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Hey did you know Ray Cash’s debut album was slept on? Did you know it was “critically acclaimed”? Blah blah blah, you hear the same shit from every magazine and every website blah blah. I might be one of the few critics that actually went out and bout a copy just for the simple fact that I’m a hip hop fan first, shit talker second. Shout to DJ G Spot who was the first DJ that I heard a Ray Cash song on. It was the joint “Pimp In My Own Mind”. After hearing that track ever so long ago I already made up my mind to cop the album. The Unit that Mixes doing its thing with the artist mixtapes. Joey Fingaz is the DJ, Ray Cash got a new mixtape so that’s where I come in. We not baaaallliin! We mixtappppiin’!

“Get Money, Push Weight” got me riddin’ like a champ. Ray Cash can rhyme, his lyrics is mad basic on this track tho but along side that beat it’s all bird flu. “$150.00 a gram”? Damn, thats some expensive! I hope that’s some “I can’t feel my face” type shit.Staying with that slow flow, Kick Drums doing they thing something serious! “It’s Ray” with it’s classic Suzzane Vega sample sets the flow for Ray Cash to spit that fly shit. When I heard how the Kick Drums flipped “Cash Rules” and made that shit sound fresh as hell they solidified a spot in my mind for up and coming producers. This is easily my favorite song on the CD; a perfect match for Rays style and delivery. The best hook Ray got on the CD is off “Get Ya Hustle Up”. That shit along with the horns was murderously catchy and had me bouncing. Never mind the money machine and coins dropping in the beat. I’m telling ya’ll for the second time; Kick Drums doing they thing! I need to get my hands on that instrumental. Ray Cash steps the flow and lyrics up on “Spanglish” and “Touch The Sky”; dude is versatile as hell on the MIC.

See, another street certified production based artist mixtape. Yea it’s only 12 tracks, well technically 11 but it’s new shit and it’s original. Ray Cash and the Kickdrums is potent combination. If this mixtape had dropped before his album it would have been the pefect set up because the material on both is top notch. All you Jay Z deciples enjoy his leaks. Me and my people will be over here with our artist mixtapes from Remo, Termanology, Esso and now Ray Cash. Whoever said hip hop music sucks right now either had their ears closed or their head up Jay Z’s ass. To borrow from one of Ray Cash’s best tracks off this mixtape; “GET YA MIXTAPE HUSTLE UP” and stop following the masses.