Re-Up Gang & DJ Drama – We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3 : The Spirit of Competition

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No bullshit, DJ Drama was the perfect DJ to hold this project down. His whole demeanor on the MIC is tailor made to ride with the vibe of the Re-Up Gang. I had a cat ask me if I heard the new “Clipse” mixtape yet. Man, come on it’s RE-UP GANG! These fly by night mixtape fans make me want to slap a snot bubble out their nose and they probably don’t know who’s who in the GANG either. For you slow people it’s Malice, Pusha T, Ab-Liva and Sandman. They put this joint up for free download off their website so I guess they really do “got it for cheap”.

I can’t stop listening to “Show You How To Hustle”. Cats hittin’ with that spandex flow…shit is tight! “Double up on birds like Noah in the flood”. The “Roc Boys” flip was cool, not really diggin’ that beat at this point in time tho. “Dey Know Yayo” was a much better mixtape flip. Ab-Liva spit “young ni99a sold dope, sold soap, sold hope”…the word play is slick. “Them ni99as Young MC, while I Big Pun It”. Man, “Good Morning” got that knock and it got cats getting a little introspective with the bars. See they can give you the good that comes from hustlin’ but they give you some of the bad too. Ok ok, the mixtape flip of the year so far is easily “Rainy Dayz”. If you don’t know that beat I can’t help you. Listen to this joint and tell me you can’t picture the visual of what cats are spittin’ about; and they left the original hook in there too. “Fuck You” is a close second on the mixtape track side of things….fucking with some old Ruff Ryders shit. Sandman hits with that ratchet blowing music on his solo cut. The closet thing to cats really trading bars is “Real Ni99as”. Cats did it justice tho, I mean Biggie laced and the Re Up Gang perfected it. The line that caught my ear was..”got a chip on my shoulder and a stomach full of ulcers / truck full of coka the rest in the sofa.” I know hella a cats that can relate to that at some point in their hustlin’ careers.

If you hustle (on and off the beeper, lol), sell dope for real, bend corners, or just leave dents in the pavement this is your theme music. This project right here is the soundtrack to your life. That same cat who asked me if I heard “the new Clipse” mixtape said he couldn’t wait for the new album. Fuck that…and fuck a new album…this is the album, this is the joint that you can’t wait for and it’s here now so appreciate it for what it is and cop the CD when it hits the street. Lyrically the whole Re Up Gang is sharp man, the word play, the double entendre …cats is not only sharp with the bars they’re smart as hell. They were saying this in the beginning of the mixtape and it’s true…this is the epitome of “Live Ni99a Rap” for 2008.