Red Café – Hottest In The Hood Vol. 1: Welcome To Bad Boy

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Shout to Big Dev for sending this over. Miss those blend mixtapes man. He been riding with Red Café for a minute and he got a new mixtape out and a new deal with Bad Boy too. I’ve been a Red Café fan since those early Whoo Kid freestyles. I even still own a copy of his mixtape with Kool KId, joint with the blue cover on it. If there ever was one NYC MC who could balance on the fence of gangsta and commercial appeal its Red Café.

First and foremost they promoting Go check it out ect. Second the music. That intro was serious. I prefer that thuggish ruggish Ref Café music but he’s got the club friendly/radio friendly sound down to a T. “Criminal Mind” tho is that soft white and hard yellow all in one. Crazy vocal sample with Red spittin’ hard as termite teeth, I can dig it. That “Hottest In the Hood” remix is working for me minus Diddy of course. “Nympho” was kinda fly, that club joint to amp up the hoes sipping apple martini’s with getting some dick after the club on their minds. “There He Go” got the bounce. Twista sharp as ever, Paul Cain shinning too. I love how they flipped “So Easy” too. Simple ass sample but that’s what made it work. I know Dev had to come up with that one, he’s got the ear for that shit.

Here’s the thing, Red Café got bars for those of us who like them but he’s honed the skills in regards to catering to the females. Catchy hook, fly ass rhyme shinning, I ain’t mad at him either. Get that mass appeal homie. He still has some balance in the music so he’s still good money mixtape wise with me.