Remo Da Rapstar – A Star Is Born

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I told Remo that my was swag was soggy and I stand by that statement still. It’s like a bowl of Cheerios that’s been sitting out all day marinating in milk…that’s my swag. Remo’s swag is the opposite of that and truth be told it’s not swag anymore it’s what it always should be called…style. Remo’s always had style on the MIC since the first project he ever dropped solo. He has his haters too. I’ve had cats tell me his bars were weak and he’s all style no substance. I always tell them that they really haven’t listened to his music properly cause if they did they wouldn’t even be talking about him. Plus he stays getting money, one of the only MCs not signed getting it in bank account wise.
DJ Scream is hosting and keeping the project moving, shout to him. That man got Atlanta’s streets locked down at the moment. Get it in man.

“You got diet money I got that see it I buy it money, I stack bundles…riot money”. Straight off the intro people and you don’t think dude’s got bars? Shit.

See the one thing Remo does better than 95% of MCs out there today is he knows how to make a song. Hook, concept, it’s catchy or female friendly and it always has style. That’s Remo on the MIC. And he also knows how to own another cats beat. “I don’t Know Where To Go” is an anthem and it sounds so lovely in my rides Bose speakers you can’t help but rewind it. I feel good listening to this joint.

“1 800 Crimestoppers” is that mixtape flip of “Day N Night”. I know the flow is basic but it’s still versatile as hell. He caters to that beat and owns it. Same with “BFF”. Females eating that shit up and I’m not even mad at Remo for trying to hit notes too. That shit worked perfectly. It’s feel good music people nothing more, nothing less. Same is true for “Down South Girls”. He catering to that fan base, can’t be mad at that. He makes dope songs period.

My shit tho was “Slow Motion”. Talk about owning a beat while creating another anthem. “Your pussy make me talk dirty to you on the phone, your pussy make it hard for me to leave you alone, so just smile…lil mama you like this, just trying to tell you you’re pussy is priceless”. Cats too busy trying to thug up the block lyrically while Remo slides in and steals all the females. lol

Remo talking a lot of shit on here but it’s warranted. When you’re doing your thing you earn that right. He knows he’s no lyrical gymnast, he’s not flipping or bouncing words and making you think about life’s mysteries. He’s straight forward rhyming with mad style and making good songs. You either fuck with it or you don’t either way a star been born. Get used to it.