Remo Da Rapstar – One Hit Away

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Remo is back up in the mutha fucka. I’ve had this joint on blast for about a week now…off and on and one thing is evident to me and stands out beyond anything else I noticed on this project: Remo’s song writing skills have become a force to be reckoned with. Honestly I like the last project better as a whole complete mixtape…front to back…beginning to end. But, on “One Hit Away” it’s evident that Remo literally is one hit away from going to that next level. You know the level I’m talking about…hit record, radio rotation, MTV/BET featured visuals and all.

You want that anthem? “I Bang”. You’ve had to have heard this track before, if not you’re not a mixtape head. The video is dope too. You want a ill posse cut? “Fresh” remix. Come on man, Stack Bundles, Ru Spits, SAS and Remo on a fly ass mixtape track. You want some commercial shit? “Oh Yea”. Now this joint didn’t impress me off the first listen but once you bump it that hook just gets in your head. Remo’s rhyme was mad basic but it fit the beat so what else you expect. You want that well rounded track that got a concept, dope beat, real lyrics? “I Just Wanna”. This is a single right here people, fuck what you heard. The ladies hear this joint it’s a wrap. I could say the same thing for “Top 8 Maya”…the flow on the hook is borrowed but its fly and it’s most def catchy. You want that raw emotion? “One Hit Away”. Remo flippin’ words like a vet while he lets you into a lil bit of his come up. My favorite joint on here is “Earnin”. This track lets you really hear Remo’s MIC skills. Cats have a hard time with making words work for them, I call ’em run on bars but Remo chooses his words carefully and he’s literally saying more with less words. That’s skill man. As far as the DVD goes, it’s the perfect visual to compliment the CD. Shit is crisp and you get to actually see Remo doing his thing as well as identify with dude as he gives you a running commentary on each video. Its next level shit and it’s how you build your fan base. 12 videos at a time too…damn that’s work.

I’ve heard cats say that Remo isn’t as good as his buzz would have you believe and you know what that’s some bullshit. Are there cats with better MIC skills coming up in NYC right now? Most def, Remo isn’t known for being super lyrical or for committing mass murder on the MIC either. What Remo is known for is being Remo and that alone elevates his status above and beyond the thousands of MIC frauds walking the streets of Gotham City. Add into the mix the fact Remo has been doing this for years, understands the inner workings of “the business”, and put him self in a certain position in the industry; it’s no wonder he succeeds. Don’t hate…emulate and maybe you to can be a success.