Remo Da Rapstar – Rapstar Phenomenon

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Lets give it up to Remo people. Established and signed MCs today would have a hard time getting one of these DJs to co sign them but Remo got Vlad, Dirty Harry, Green Lantern and Clinton Sparks. Remo has also been featured on a ton of mixtapes through the years so this project is highly anticipated and rightfully so. This isn’t just a big project for Remo its big for thr BX too.

Unexpected stays lacing an intro and for Remo he went all out. Def how you wanna jump your CD off. “Just Do It” is a hustler’s anthem of sorts. I mean who can’t relate to having your rent being late, bills to pay and even taking care of your seed. Re-up money is tied up damn, that stress will age you endlessly. Remo weaves in and out of the beat with his straight forward flow. The track almost comes off like a warning of sorts but the theme is obvious…just do it. “I’m Fresh” was easily the weakest track on the CD. The marriage between the beat and that Cassidy vocal sample was short lived and the two got divorced with a quickness. “Off The Chain” got that party vibe obviously over some old school shit. More MCs need to speed the bpms up and have some fun; peep the hook people, it’s that easy. Back to the hustling music; “Just Say No” is the flips side to “Just Doing It”. Remo’s giving you the wear and tear of the grind, the wanting to get out the game. That “last flip and you’re out” is a bitch and most cats never see it. Radio wise “Love & Hate” should get some play. The beat is playful but the message in the rhyme is the motivation. “Happy Father’s Day” got the ill vocal sample. Remo ain’t scared to wear his heart on his sleeve. Peep the title to the song and you know what it’s about and yea you might have heard tracks like it before but this is Remo’s story and every story is unique. One of the best posse cuts of 2006 by far has to be “Listen To My Gun”. Nina B, Ransom, Spark Dawg, Kardinal Officshall, Riz, Esso, Skyballa, Spot, Atlas, and Scrybe produced by Ron Browz. That beat and hook is a hit; bottom line Riz, Spark Dawg, Karkinal, Ransom, Esso and Skyballa had the tightest verses if you ask me.

It’s safe to say Remo Da Rapstar is here now. This is really just the start of the Rapstar world domination. He’s been controlling the mixtape world for a minute now. Remo is part of a new breed of MC that can hit you with the fly and flashy shit yet fuck ya head up with some real life lessons. It’s about being honest and true to yourself on the MIC that makes this new breed of MC and Remo stand out from the pack. “Fuck keeping it real, keep it honest.” That’s my motto for the rest of the year and beyond. Thanks for the inspiration Remo.