Riot Squad – Riot or Diet

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I’m on my way to the weed spot yesterday to cop a $50 bag of some boo-bonic and talk shit with cats about mixtapes. Now what CD do you think cats were bumpin up in the spot? That’s right…that “Riot or Diet” shit. You can believe what you want on the internet but the Riot Squad has a cult like following throughout the world and with every new mixtape the fan base grows. Riot or Diet is the movement, the way of life, what are you all about….Riot or Diet?

Straight up and down, “Lullaby” got potential hit record appeal. Bynoe doing getting his 1-2 thing off type lovely over that beat. Stack Bundles on the hook….its a wrap while these other MCs asking paper or plastic. “Switch it up!”…”Riot Boyz” is that hustlin’ theme music personified. The corner boys loving this shit man. Bynoe and Stack trading verses on “True Gz” like a couple of grizzled vets. If you got a fly whip this is the track to bump as you pull up to the block. Listen close to “Off Tour”, you know the beat but peep how Stack Bundles flows over it and tell me he’s not gonna sell some records? The sleeper track? Well, not really a sleeper but more like the rare jewel of the track is Cau2g$ on “I Did That”. God damn dude went in on this track, the MIC booth is probably still on fire right now from this t one. I’ll tell you right now, cats got this joint on repeat up in the weed spot. “The worlds a great big toilet bowl and ni99a my life’s the shit”…classic line right there from Stack. “Riot or Diet” is the sleeper track to me, the punch lines are heavy and the pictures were def painted. Hands down one of the best beats out right now is “Gangsta”. Tell me this shit doesn’t sound good in the whip? Mazaradi Fox is cool but Stack owned this track.

I don’t know what the fuck you’re listening to but right now this is the hardest mixtape out. I’ve heard it back to back to back and every listen I hear some new fly shit that makes me rewind it. Who knows what the future holds as far as album sales of hip hop music but one thing you can always count on is some new Riot Squad music to slap you up side your head, inspire you and give you some theme music while doing your dirt.