Rob E Rob & Ron G – Blazin Blends 7: A Legends Legacy

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What do you do when a Legend sends you a link to his mixtape on DatPiff? You download it but then a lil piece of you dies. No shots tho, I understand the times.

I grew up on Ron G. We around the same age too, give or take a year. He used to be the “Youngest In Charge”. He basically birthed the whole Bad Boy sound in the 90s. Gave Puffy a style to run with. He influenced countless mixtape DJs…and I have to listen to his latest on Datpiff. Again, no shots, I’m just saying.

Shout to Rob E Rob tho. He’s a legend is his own right. The After Party series is classic as well as his bum rush of the mixtape awards. He never really got his just do so it was warranted. I give him props for bringing Ron G back somewhat. Always a positive thing when legends get their shine considering in Hip Hop the ones who laid the foundation never really get their proper respect.

I’m not breaking down blends cause technically speaking both Rob and Ron know what the fuck they doing. They both got a great ear for music. With that said tho Rob E Rob out shined the legend on this one. Rob’s set held all the energy. Quick multi beat blends of what cats what to hear right now with an infusion of party classic, whether beats or vocals. Rob was sharp as ten machete’s, simply put. Rons set was kind of boring. I mean he only had 11 tracks and you didn’t really hear Ron at his best till “Rock The Boat” and “Sexy Can I”. That’s the shit that Ron G brings to the table. That hard hip hop beat behind some R&B with a slow cut bringing in the acapella. Those looped breaks that just add that extra something something to the vocals. Throw some unknown and talent less MCs into his mix and *yawns. Don’t even get me started on Rons transitions…they didn’t exist. What happened to that three turntable sound?

I kept saying to myself…step it up Ron. “A Legends Legacy”…I hope not.