Rob E Rob – Sex Jams 3

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Welcome back to Rob E Rob…it’s been a minute since he’s graced the review section. Truth be told the “art” of a slow jam type mixtape is falling the fuck off. Personally I think it’s got to do with “new” slow jams cause cats can’t see to put out quality R&B period these days. I peep’d the track list…52 joints you can’t go wrong man. Fuck the bullshit let’s see what’s really good.

I haven’t heard anything from Love Unlimited in a minute. “I Belong To You” got that soul people…you know that shit that’s missing from music right now. “Jelous Girl” is that joint too def a slept on New Edition track. Cats were frontin’ on Rob E Rob with the blends a little man. I know he wasn’t killing the blend game in 2006 but he can def blend up some shit on the remix tip. That Rob E Rob screwed mix of “Ignition” was white girl virgin tight…mad short tho. If ya’ll can’t get with Jodeci’s “If You Think You’re Lonely Now” you should just stop reading the review and go listen to some Celine Dion or some shit….Jewel or Alanis Morrisette; I can’t help you. Too many tracks to highlight but I’ll give you my favorite parts. First up from Mike Jack on “Girl Is Mine” to Smokey Robinson’s “Quet Storm” to the O-Jays “We Cry Together” to then Alliyah’s “At Your Best” was damn near a perfect set up. Damn, hearing “At Your Best” again was crazy. The second part of the CD that was classic was from “Baby Baby Baby” to MJB with “I’m Going Down”, “Missing You” and Not Gonna Cry”. Oh man Mary might just be the last singer left with some soul that’s still relevant to the R&B game today. The flyest part of the CD was Rob E Rob giving you 11 seconds of “Teenage Love” and following it up with Neyo on “When Your Mad”. know the CD got 52 tracks so Rob is rocking on average about a buck 30 of each track which works. Couple things are quite clear after listening to this mixtape: Rob E Rob knows his old school and he’s got impeccable timing. Actually the balance of Old School R&B and New School R&B was where Rob did his thing; and the interludes gave this project some character. As for the timing…that’s on the transitions. That comes down to either you got it or you don’t and you can tell Rob got an ear for that shit. I’m not saying every transition was flawless but for having 52 tracks the shit was close as hell. It’s a slow jam CD people, pick it up and go have sex with your old lady already!