Rob Kelly – Braggin’ Rights

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Welcome Rob Kelly people. He was a former Rapmullet On The Come Up winner, he’s got a new mixtape out, he’s coming to us all the way from Ireland and he aint taking no shit. I say that cause he’s making a statement and pushin good music on an international scale.

Mr. Kelly getting some big co-signs man, 50 Cent, Kool G. Rap and…..DJ Vlad. This line sums up the intro for all you people that are too ignorant to listen: “when it comes to women I have it my way/ I get the nickers off a Nun on good Friday.” The track that really really held my ear was “Take A Look Around”. I think it’s the perfect picture of his life, of his surroundings and the beat is dope. “Criminal Minded” is Rob getting a little deep, the vocal sample used was def ill. Flow wise “1 Hell” was the best joint, just raw rhyming. . “Only You” is the sleeper track, not really diggin’ that hook but the rhyme was some real shit. Rob got a straight forward style, he’s not fliggity flipping words and phrases left and right but the cadence is basic and it’s effective as hell in getting his voice heard.

You know what I like most about Rob Kelly? He’s just doing him. He isn’t trying to be something he’s not, he isn’t living in a fantasy hip hop land of shinny chains and guns that don’t really exist. The slang, the lyrics is all Rob Kelly. Like Vlad said he’s “The King of Ireland”, nuff said.