S.A.S – Where Is S.A.S?

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The streets all salute people…remove head from your American ass and recognize cats from other countries can rhyme and rhyme well. I still give their last joint with Big Mike some burn from time to time so when this appeared in my email it was a good day. I don’t know what the story is with their “Dipset” affiliation but honestly they don’t need them to pop off. It’s all about serving your current fan base on some real shit and learning how to license your music properly. Forget getting with a good label…get a good manager who understands the future of the music business and how to navigate thru it.

“Where I Live” is the jump off and its classic S.A.S.; witty bars and potent punch lines. Is Jae Millz still rhyming? I couldn’t really fuck with “World’s Apart”. I got the concept but that beat didn’t do it justice. “Rockstar Living” is my joint tho. “I’m O-T with bitches twisted off sangria / two sisters same father different mother / took ’em back to the ‘telly and made ’em kiss each other”….I can dig it. LOL On some true blue mixtape shit “22 + 2’s” was kinda fly. The flow was slower but its a good sound for the London boys. While we’re on some mixtape shit, “Bringin London In The Zone” was tired. I don’t know who told them rhyming over “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” was a good idea. The joint “Shake & Break” with Ransom brought it back to respectable levels…that hook was crazy. “What Do I Do?” has the ill vocal sample over some trunk rattling bass. Istill think the “Fresh” remix is one of the best posse cuts of 2007. Ru Spits shinning, Stack Bundles doing what he does and Remo beating the shit outta the beat at the end. S.A.S really doing it big with the features.

In this global Hip Hop world we live in right now S.A.S have the potential to take shit over and have long successful careers. Lyrically a lot hasn’t changed since the last mixtape, bars are as sharp as ever. Hook wise I think they stepped it up somewhat and they continue to develop and perfect their own sound which is what you want to be doing at all times. Cats still sleep on them tho but they def know where they are at…even if the masses don’t yet.