S. Money – New Money

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Ahhhh here we go. Jim Jones got a clone out in Pittsburg. Shout to Rostrum Records tho, supplying quality product to the streets. I’m assuming S. Money is an artist on their roster…”MULA!”. Hahaha. Come on man that’s not a signature tag line that’s two steps away from “BALLIN!” which as we know is over now!!

“You smell that?” says S. Money on “Fast Lane”. Yea I do, it smells like the same old hip hop to me. I’m listening to this first track and feel like calling the “swag” ambulance to come save dude from his case of O-S aka over swag. I know, I know…where in the age of “it’s not what your saying but how your saying it”. I like to call it “talking loud but ain’t saying nothing”. Boaz, probably one of the most anticipated MCs of ’08, features on “Whip It Up”. S. Money says…”coming up the dope boy was the man / in the kitchen straight whiping up the yams / stacking paper weighing birdies on the scale.” Is he or was he a D-boy or just describing what he thinks a D-boy is? See with lines like that…”we don’t believe you!” Boaz says…”I’m in the kitchen over the stove dry cooking / couple minutes later we see how the pie looking” and my favorite…”my digital scale stay covered in white residue”. Now who do you think has been there done that? Only a hustler can really describe in vivid detail a hustler…Boaz can do that…S.Money can’t. “I’m The Man” has to be one of the worst songs I’ve heard this year. I’m not saying S.Money can’t rhyme but the content of his bars are so tired, talk about following trends. “I’m fly / how bout you? / I got money homie / how bout you? / I’m all about the paper boy / all about the benjamins / all about the cheddar…..” (yawns). That slow flow shit is putting me to sleep. This whole song is a big ass cliche’ of braggadocio rhymes from the last couple of years maybe even more. “Gettin Dough” is just as lame, same shit different song. He was right, the beat does knock but dude can barely rhyme over it. I’m looking for one track that doesn’t involve money, S.Money being the “best”, being a gangsta, trapping, stacking, more money, and again..money. “Parking Lot Pimpin” is slick, Mona on the hook is lovely as hell. It’s got that lil bounce to it and a crazy vibe…till dude starts rhyming. “Oh yea, I stay sharp…call me Ginsu” then with the name dropping designer boots, lol. If it’s one track on this whole mixtape that has a chance this is it. “Baby got body like Buffie / I’m a make it rain so probably I can touch it / she got buns that’s as soft as a muffin”. That’s how “Just Like That” opens. Do I need to say more?

Couple things really stand out on this project. E. Dan got beats and he held the mixtape together like a pro as far as the actual “mix” goes. That’s the thing, everything on here is proper…production, packaging, the mix…it’s just that the MC is very average. Of course that’s just my opinion but dude is a one trick poney on the MIC, if it’s not about money, getting money or vague refrences to how to get money S.Money can’t spit it. Not to mention his flow is far from perfected, he needs work. I can see the potential the label heard in dude but he’s got a long way to go with bars.