S4DK -Best In ’07

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I look forward to these S4DK mixtapes. It’s like a cleansing of the ear for me. Not that the music is bad but it’s something different from the norm and it’s refreshing. I don’t know how many of you follow music outside of the U.S but believe it for not there are quality artist making good music. If you can’t get past an accent or two this review is not for you, just stop reading and go back to listening to Ready To Die or Illmatic and live in your nice little 1994 box.

NY sets off the CD with “Fire” and the shit is proper. This chic can def sing, I’m diggin’ how this one was jump started so far. Roll Deep rhymed their ass off with “Celebrate”. These cats brough that pin point percise flow to the table. I don’t think you can have a S4DK mixtape without Sincere on it. “Reppin UK” is THE anthem people. I’m not a huge fan of the sample for “We Built This City” but Pt 2 by Eurogang is and epic track by and epic group. “Pushin” is like soulful therapy, L. Man freaked that beat perfectly. MCs need to hear how Akala flips his words on “Bit By Bit”; its rapid fire but it’s articulate too. You def can’t have a S4DK mixtape without S.A.S on it. “So London” is the track…I might have used something different if it’s best of ’07 but it is what it is. Klashnekoff is a true lyricist. Beat wise I wasn’t really diggin’ “My Life” but he’s got one of the best deliveries I’ve heard in a minute. “Caravan Of Love” is a corny title but I hear where Pyrelli was trying to go with it and I’m not mad at it.

Another solid release from S4DK…the legacy is there and this is another one for the collection. I def hear more of R&B; influence in this one. Me personally I dig that rapid fire shit, minimal, knocking ass beat type of shit. If there’s one S4DK mixtape that has that mass appeal potential this is it right here.