Saigon – The Moral Of The Story

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Do you hear that? No? That’s because the buzz off this mixtape is minimal at best. How sad is it that Saigon’s myspace blog post about retiring generated more buzz than his music. (shakes head) YOU ARE ALL SHEEP!! BAHHHHHH. For all the real mixtape heads out there its always all about the music, not the gossip and fake media bullshit. With that said, sometimes its best for an artist to just let the music speak for them…(clears throat).

I don’t like Jay-Z and Saigon on a track together. The “Come On Baby” remix was wack to me. Jay-Z’s verse was phoned in on some bullshit. “Flow is like the Cuban missile crisis”…what the fuck does that mean? You got this crazy ass beat that cats slept on and now a weak Jay verse completes it? Naw man. Nothing good is gonna come out when you got a working class MC (Saigon) and a white collar MC (Jay-Z) on the same track. I’m fucking with tracks like “What A Life”. This is that music us commoners can relate to. Saigon’s flow is perfected on a track like this all while dropping jewels. Speaking of jewels, “Get Mine And Go” is knocking with Saigon spittin’ “I don’t write bars, I write scars”. In a time when the last thing MCs want to speak on is any type of upliftment or life lessons you get a track like “Wake Up”. I could quote the whole song but I don’t think most people can handle the truth. The story telling skills are sharp too people, don’t forget that shit too. “In A Mess” is a vivid picture that sadly a lot of people have and are about to go thru. “Homegirl” with Al B. Sure is that classic mixtape music. This a joint that adds character to your mixtape and you can tell Saigon and Just Blaze had fun making this track too. My favorite track of the whole CD is “Who Can Get Busy”. This joint will have you punching holes in walls, it’s that hard. Peep it in the RM Ipod. There better be a Saigon/Scram Jones joint on his album. “How We Get Down” has that raw energy those to bring to the table each time out the booth. If we’re talking about energy you have to mention “Ryders”. I’m not a fan of Bleek but he did his thing on this joint and the beat is crazy as cats shit.

Whether he knows it or not, Hip Hop needs Saigon more than Saigon needs Hip Hop. There are really no MCs that are truly speaking to the people in a postive light and that’s the void he fills. I truly hope he doesn’t “retire”. He has to know that he chose the road less traveled as an MC and the shit isn’t gonna be easy but the light at the end of the long tunnel is the fact that he has Cormega potential. By that I mean he has the potential to establish a cult like fanbase and have a long succesful career as an MC, all while speaking to the masses the truth that is missing in todays music.